The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 334

Chapter 334 In just a few moments, all the employed Hill family members were suspended from work The Hills members panicked.

They shouted and scolded the Callahans with offensive words.

Thea also wore a serious expression. How could so many things happen at a birthday party?

She kept thinking of a solution.

The idea of calling the mysterious Mr. Caden popped into her mind, but she did not have his contact number “Drag that brat to me,” said Bjorn The Hills members quickly backed away in fear.

Benjamin and David also hid far away.

Gladys pulled Thea away.

A dozen men dressed in black stepped forward and surrounded James.

James glanced at the guests that appeared at the Hills’ villa and said calmly. “It’s not too late for you to leave now. Otherwise, you won’t be able to leave as you please later. Don’t you know the mysterious Mr. Caden who has a great influence in Cansington? He is an existence that is feared by many.”


“The mysterious Mr. Caden? Not even God will be able to save you today.”

“Is that so?”

Suddenly, a middle-aged man walked into the Hills’ villa.

A booming voice resounded in everyone’s ears.

The crowd turned toward the voice.

It was a man in his 405, wearing a simple blue suit. He looked very ordinary but had the charisma of someone who had been in authority for an extended period.

Two men followed behind him.

Many people’s expressions changed as soon as they saw this person, especially Cooper. As the heir to tens of billions of the Yoders’ assets, how could he not know the incoming guest’s identity?

This was the highest authority in North Cansington Military Region who carried a star badge on his shoulder “G-General Nolan…” Cooper was surprised and reluctantly greeted Chase.

Chase approached and glanced at the hundreds of people surrounding the Hills’ villa. His face darkened instantly, and he asked, “What’s going on?” “These people are causing trouble at the Hills’ villa. That guy seems to be from the Yoders and probably has an influential background. That guy is called Bryson something. Apparently, his hands are dirty, and he knows a few influential people. He used his connections to secretly suspend all the employed Hills.”

“Oh? Is that so?”

Chase looked at Cooper and Bryson. He snorted and approached James with a smile. Then, he walked to Thea and said with a smile, “Ms. Thea, sorry for coming late. Are you alright? Were you frightened?”


Thea was slightly taken aback ‘Isn’t this General Nolan?

She had seen General Nolan a few times.

Once at Lex’s birthday party and once at the pharmacy when she first came to North Cansington This was the third time.

“G-General Nolan…” After being stunned for a moment, she greeted him with a surprised expression.

After greeting Thea, he turned around and glared at Bjorn, Cooper, Kannon, Bryson, Dylan, and the other uninvited guests.

With one look, these people trembled in fear.

Cooper could not endure the pressure and fell to his knees.

“G-General Nolan, this has nothing to do with me. Bjorn forced me to come here with him. It’s none of my business.”

Bjorn was dumbfounded.

This was the heir of the Yoders. He had a pivotal role in North Cansington. How could he fall to his knees so easily?

It was because the man before them was General Nolan. Who was General Nolan?

James hurriedly stepped forward and said, “General, he’s the one who threatened the Hills, saying that he’ll make the Hills bankrupt in minutes.”

“Very good.”

Chase’s expression darkened, and he immediately took out his phone. He dialed a series of numbers and ordered, “Notify the relevant departments to investigate the Yoders thoroughly. Check if there are any problems that need to be rectified or their operations to be stopped.” Cooper sweated profusely from fear. The Yoders had a net worth of tens of billions, but to obtain their success, they had used some more or less unclean methods in their business.

The Yoders would be over if the authorities thoroughly investigated them.

He knelt on the ground and bowed his head.

“General, it’s none of my business. This had nothing to do with the Yoders. It’s all that old man Bjom’s idea.”

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