The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 335

Chapter 335

However, no matter how Cooper knelt and bowed, Chase remained indifferent.

He glanced at Kannon.

“General, this man seems to be running some kind of security company. He said that there are more than thirty thousand employees in his company, and they will constantly harass the Hills family until they don’t dare even to leave their houses,” said James. “Oh?”

Chase’s expression darkened, and he said, “I never expected a security company like this to still exist in North Cansington. How dare you do as you please? It seems this company isn’t clean. I’ll have to look into it.” Hearing this, Kannon’s face went pale, and his legs went rubbery. Immediately, he fell to the ground on his knees with a thump.

“General, it’s none of my business…”

Chase instructed the man beside him, “Call the relevant departments and arrest all these people causing trouble at the Hills’ villa.”


The Hills were utterly stunned to watch the scene unfold.

Who was this person? Why were these bigwigs kneeling in fear because of him? James pointed at Bryson and said, “General, this one has even greater capabilities. He seems to have a solid background because he managed to fire all the employed Hill family members.” Then, he pointed at Cyrus and said, “Come here quickly and greet the general.” Cyrus was still in shock. It was impossible for him not to recognize General Nolan since he was a specialized police unit captain. However, this was someone he had only seen on television in the past, He never expected that the greatest authority of the North Cansington Military Region would come to the Hills’ villa in person. He recollected himself after hearing James call out for him. He walked over quickly, straightened up, and saluted as he greeted loudly, “General Nolan, I’m Cyrus Hills, captain of the east district special police unit of North Cansinngton.” 1 “Stop putting feathers in your cap. You’ve just been dismissed from your position.” “That…” Cyrus looked ernbarrassed. James spoke casually, but every word he said pierced Bryson’s heart like a sharp sword.

Bryson knew he was in trouble.

Not only would he be done for, but it would also be game over for the person backing him up. Bryson knelt on the ground with a thump and shouted loudly, “G-General Nolan, I’m guilty…” Chase instructed the other person beside him, “Check this guy’s background. Whoever is implicated or related shouldn’t be let off lightly.”


Bryson almost fainted from fear after hearing this.

The Hill family members exchanged glances in confusion.

Things took a turn too quickly. It was so fast that they could not react.

After dealing with these uninvited guests, chase approached Jedidiah and shook his hand.” Mr. Hill, I’ve wanted to come to meet you for a long time but couldn’t manage to take some

time out of my schedule.”

Jedidiah was so thrilled that he almost teared up.

As a retired soldier, he had long heard of Chase

Despite not seeing him in person, he had seen him on television

“G-General Nolan…” “Mr. Hill, you’ve brought up countless talents for the country.”

Chase began to flatter Jedidiah.

Meanwhile, James came closer to Thea and gave her a thumbs up.

“Darling, you’re incredible! Even the general is currying favor with you.” “C-Currying favor with me?

Thea was still confused. It was already strange that business professionals had been respectful to her. Yet, why were even these influential military personnel treating her well? What was the mysterious Mr. Caden’s background? What kind of person was he? Chase’s arrival had easily solved the Hills’ problems. He chatted with Jedidiah about some military matters while the Hill youngsters stood aside.

The uninvited guests who came looking for trouble continued kneeling on the ground and did not even dare to breathe.

At this moment, David’s spirits were up again, and he started to boast to the other youngsters In the family

“See, that’s iny sister! She’s really influential!”

Everyone looked at Thea in awe.

James simply sat aside, smoking a cigarette.

Meanwhile, Xara glanced at James occasionally.


Everyone thought Chase was here to curry favor with Thea, but who would have thought that he was here because of James?

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