The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 336

Chapter 336 Chase did not leave immediately. Instead, he stayed at the Hills’ villa for a while and chatted with Jedidiah about some everyday stuff.

Meanwhile, the youngsters of the Hills surrounded Thea and constantly ingratiated themselves.


Half an hour later, hundreds of military vehicles appeared outside the Hills’ villa. Some fully armed soldiers entered the courtyard. The leading officer approached, straightened up, and saluted.

“General Nolan.”

His voice was loud and clear. Chase waved his hand and pointed at the hundreds of people kneeling on the ground. “Detain them, investigate them, and punish them severely for their crimes,” he instructed.


“Take them away.” The fully armed soldiers stepped forward and took away everyone kneeling on the ground. After the people were taken away, Chase instructed his subordinate to present the prepared premium cigarettes to Jedidiah. “Mr. Hill, rest assured that all the Hill members will be reinstated, and these troublemakers will be severely punished.”

Jedidiah shook Chase’s hands and said excitedly, “it’s really a blessing for North Cansington’s residents to have General Chase looking out for us!”

“It’s my job to serve the people,” Chase said with a smile.

“Mr. Hills, I still have some business, so I won’t be able to accompany you. I’ll coine to see you sometime soon. I’ll take my leave now.”

Having bid farewell, Chase approached Thea Thea immediately stood up.

“Ms. Thea, may I leave first?” Chase wanted to leave but still came to seek Thea’s approval. As for James, Chase knew that James wanted to stay low profile and did not want to reveal his identity. Additionally, he understood that James cared about Thea the most, so as long as Thea was pleased, he would naturally be pleased.


Thea was flabbergasted.

Just leave if you want to leave. Why are you seeking my approval? I’m just a commoner and not some prominent figure.’ “General Chase, you…you can go ahead if you’re busy.”


Chase turned and left.

Just as he was about to leave, he suddenly remembered James’ identity card. He walked over to James and said, “Bla… James, come with me for a moment.”

James nodded.

Under the crowd’s gazes, James followed Chase out of the Hills’ villa courtyard Outside the courtyard, Chase took out the Black Dragon identity card and handed it to James with both hands.

James took it and said lightly, “Thanks.”

After saying that, he turned to leave.

He took a few steps, stopped, and said again, ”By the way, the boy named Cyrus is quite decent and can be trained.”

“Understood. I’ll arrange for it.” Chase accepted the order. James smiled lightly Out of the entire Hill family, not many stood up to speak for them. Jedidiah and Cyrus were the only two exceptions, Although Cyrus’ mother pulled him back, he did not shy away from those bigwigs. James returned to the courtyard, Thea immediately came to him and asked, “What did General Nolan want from you?” “It’s nothing. He simply wanted to know your relationship with the Blithe King,” said James. “Huh? The Blithe King?”

Thea was taken aback “General Nolan said that he came because the Blithe King called to inform him to be here. He wanted to ask me what your relationship with the Blithe king was,” James whispered.

Thea’s face gradually became serious.

“The Blithe king? ‘What does the Blithe King have anything to do with me?

‘Could it be that the mysterious Mr. Caden has a good relationship with the Blithe King? Thea was utterly puzzled.

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