The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 337

Chapter 337

“Darling, it seems the mysterious Mr. Caden has a really powerful background. He even managed to persuade the five-star commander, the Blithe King. Only five people in the world can persuade him the other four of the Five Commanders and the person from the Royal Dynasty in the Capital.” ,

“I-I’ve no idea.” Thea looked puzzled.

James smiled lightly.

Thea must have guessed the mysterious Mr. Caden’s identity after he had said so much. “Why are you still over here, Thea? Come sit with us…” An elder of the Hills came and dragged Thea to a table to sit down in the courtyard. 1

A bunch of the Hill members surrounded her.

They asked about Thea’s relationship with General Nolan,

At this moment, Gladys enjoyed the most remarkable and proudest moment ever of the Hills in the past few decades.

David also gathered with the youngsters of the Hills and bragged about the mysterious Mr. Caden.

James walked out of the courtyard and sat at the door threshold outside. He lit a cigarette and smoked while blankly staring into the distance.

Time passed quickly, and soon it was noon-the time for the birthday banquet.

Relatives and friends who came to celebrate were already seated.

At this moment, a luxury car approached and stopped outside the Hills’ villa. A middle-aged man with extraordinary charisma dressed in an expensive suit walked into the courtyard with lots of gifts in hand.

Rigoberto stood up excitedly and exclaimed when he recognized the visitor, “R-Richard, the wealthiest man of North Cansington…

“Mrs. Hill, I’m here to wish you a blessed birthday. May you enjoy many more beautiful days ahead of you.”

Richard walked into the courtyard, and his voice resonated, “I’m Richard from the Xenoses and here to present you a gift of eight million eight hundred and eighty thousand dollars, eighty-eight antiques and paintings, and a Monique wallet…” The Hills exclaimed as Richard spoke.

Even Rigoberto was shocked by such generosity.

At the same time, the Hills members were puzzled.

Why would the wealthiest man of North Cansington come to congratulate a Hill’s birthday? The Hills had nothing to do with the Xenoses.

“Mr. Richard, w what is the meaning of this?”

Richard glanced around and found Thea sitting at a table.


He immediately fell to his knees.

This frightened the Hill members.

What was this about again?

Under the crowd’s shocked eyes, Richard advanced toward Thea on his knees and bowed his head. He pleaded, “Ms. Thea, please spare the Xenoses.”


Thea was taken aback. After being stunned for a few seconds, she hurriedly stood up and supported him to stand from the ground. “Mr. Richard, what are you doing? Hurry and get up.” “Ms. Thea, I won’t get up if you don’t agree.” “Alright, I agree, I agree. Get up first.”

Richard finally stood up.

His forehead was already injured yesterday. The wound had just clotted, but it began to bleed again after bowing on the ground.

The Hill members were dumbfounded.

This was the richest man in North Cansington.

However, he was kneeling on the ground like a dog, begging Thea to spare him.

Adding up what had just happened earlier…


The Hill members gasped.

Which bigwig did Thea curry favor with? After Thea helped Richard up, she inquired, “M-Mr. Richard, what’s the matter?” Richard apologized, “Ms. Thea, the Xenoses are at fault for what happened at Primary Pharmacy. I’m here to apologize. Please ask General Nolan to spare the Xenoses.” “I-I don’t know General Nolan.”

Thea’s words frightened Richard.

Richard wanted to kneel again. Thea hurriedly said, “D-Don’t kneel. I promise you, I’ll tell General Nolan to spare the Xenoses.”

“T ‘Thank you!”

Richard left after being pardoned.

All eyes were on Thea after he had left.

Thea said innocently, “I I don’t know wliat just happened. Why is everyone looking at me?”

“Thea, come, sit here. Don’t stand. Eat.”

“Thea, have a drink.”

“Thea, I’ll give you a shoulder massage.”

A bunch of the Hill members surrounded Thea.

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