The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 338

Chapter 338 The birthday banquet became Thea’s personal show. Even the old lady of the house kept praising Thea. “Huh?!”

While the family was enjoying their meals, Clinton answered a phone call, abruptly stood up, and exclaimed.

His shouts attracted attention.

The old lady asked dissatisfiedly, “What are you shouting for?”

“It’s because I got a call, Grandma. I was promoted and transferred to the military region.



Everyone was shocked. Why did he get promoted out of the blue? After a momentary shock, everyone turned their eyes toward Thea

“Don’t look at me. It’s none of my business, Thea was also puzzled and hurriedly explained.

*Clinton, what’s the position you’re being promoted to in the military region? “Yeah, Clinton! Stop stringing us along! Hurry and tell us about the position.” “I don’t know either. They just called to inform me to report at the military region,” said Clinton.

“What are you still doing here then? Hurry and go!”

“Alright!” Clinton did not even bother to eat and quickly stood up to leave. The Hills continued to chat over food. After the series of events, Thea’s status in the Hills skyrocketed and became everyone’s subject of flattery. Initially, Thea planned to leave in the afternoon, but the Hill members persuaded her to stay

Thus, Gladys decided to stay for another night. Thea had no choice but to listen to Gladys.

After lunch, Thea went inside the house to rest. She stayed in the house and thought about the Xenoses.

She was not acquainted with Chase but promised Richard she would tell him to spare the Xenoses.

She was troubled since she did not personally know Chase.

“Darling, what’s the matter? What’s troubling you?” James came over and sat down beside her.

“Honey, I…I’m not acquainted with General Nolan, but I made a promise to Richard. What should I do?” Thea explained embarrassedly. “So that’s what’s troubling you? Darling, I actually noticed someone has been secretly following us,” James said with a smile. “What? Someone is following us?” Thea exclaimed

“Yup. It must be someone from the Black Dragon Army of the Southern Plains. I’m guessing it should be people the mysterious Mr. Caden sent to protect you. This Mr. Caden must be the Black Dragon of the Southern Plains if I’m not wrong. General Nolan should already know that you’ve spared the Xenoses,” James nodded and said “Huh? How do you know?” Thea asked while looking at James.

“Did you forget that I was a soldier in the Southern Plains? I’ve met the General belore and know his surname is Cadens. It’s not a surprise that I can sense that someone is following us.” “Oh, is that so?”

Thea was doubtful and did not completely believe James.

However, she was also interested in the identity of Mr. Caden and wanted to know more about him. She could not help asking, “What is the name of the General Black Dragon of the Southern Plains? What’s his given name?”

James hesitated slightly but eventually replied, “T The general’s name is also James Caden. We both have the same name and sumame. This is the reason the general has taken good care of me.”

“James Caden? Is it really James Caden?” Thea exclaimed.


“What’s wrong? Is something wrong with that?” James asked as he glanced at the surprised Thea. Thea took a deep breath and forced herself to calm down. “I-It’s nothing.” Ten years ago, the person she saved ten years ago was Quincy’s boyfriend, James? ‘I fell in love with my best friend’s boyfriend?’ thought Thea. Thinking of this, she shook her head and put away the jumbled thoughts in her mind. She suddenly remembered something and glanced at James. “Honey, you…” “Yeah? What’s wrong?” “No, it’s nothing.” Thea gently shook her head.

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