The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 34

Chapter 34 It was astonishing how quickly the tables turned. Felicia, Chad, and their family were now barred from The Gourmand.

Felicia was still determined to find a way in. She grabbed Chad, saying, “Chad, you’re from the Wilson family. You have a member card. Show it to him!” Chad approached Bryan once more with resignation, holding out his silver member card. “Mister Grayson, I’m a silver member of The Gourmand’s. Over the years, I’ve spent a few million dollars…” “Beat him up.”

Chad’s untimely approach ticked Bryan off as he was busy talking to Thea.

A few menacing security guards beat Chad to a pulp He fell to the floor moaning, “Stop. Please stop.” “Haha.” As soon as she saw thuis, Gladys’ anger abated. She held her head high and puffed out her chest, looking pleased as punch. “The Wilkins were boasting all along. It looks like the Callahans are the ones with real power.” “Tell me about it. Thea Callahan is friends with Alex Yates. Now, she’s reserved the Diamond Room. Even the owner is here to greet her personally!” Everyone started commenting on the matter again. Thea was still confused. She had no idea what was going on. “Miss Thea Callahan, madam, and sir, this way please,” Bryan repeated.

“Welcome,” the two rows of waiters said again, kneeling on the ground this time.

The waiters were actually beautiful women wearing dresses. The crowd milling about the entrance was shocked.

“Is this how the diamond members are treated?”

“This is crazy! There are so many beautiful women kneeling in a row! My heart is breaking for them!”

The crowd cast envious, jealous gazes at the Callahans.

Finally, Gladys was able to enjoy her moment in the spotlight.

David straightened up.

Alyssa placed her arm on David’s, lifting her chin. At that moment, they felt like they were on top of the world.

Thea was still confused. She did not know Bryan Grayson at all.

“This way, Miss Thea Callahan.”


The waitresses kneeling on the ground intoned as one again.

“Come on, Thea.” James looked at a bewildered Thea.

Thea finally responded to him.

With Bryan leading the way, the Callahans entered The Gourmand. They went up to the fifth floor using a private elevator. Furnished with opulence, the fifth floor looked more like a palace than anything else. Everywhere they went, beautiful women were kneeling on the ground. David was stunned. He had never seen anything so grand before. Benjamin was staring as well, his jaw slack. Gladys even stopped being gleeful for a second, her mouth hanging open at what lay before her “Please enter, sirs and madams.”

Bryan opened a door, revealing a private room. The room was a few hundred square meters. It featured a few round tables, a lounge, and a dance floor.

Sumptuously decorated, one could mistake it for a palace.

The Callahans were speechless.

“Please enjoy your meal. I’ll leave you to it.” Bryan left as soon as he guided them to the room.

The Callahans took their time trying to come up with a response. “Dave, pinch me. Am I dreaming? This is The Gourmand’s Diamond Room. Everyone says that it costs millions to have a meal here.” Alyssa was so emotional she could hardly speak. “Dear, what’s going on?” Benjamin asked.

“What? Me? I don’t know.” Gladys looked confused as well. She had never even seen anything so grand before.

“Jamie, does this have anything to do with you?” Thea looked at James, who was holding her hand.

James rubbed his nose. “Me? How could I have anything to do with this? It must be you. The owner came to greet you.”

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