The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 341

Chapter 341

That person was the General of the Southern Plains.

One of Sol’s Five Commanders.

The Military God, the Guardian of Sol- the Black Dragon. The venue of tens of thousands of people was dead silent.

Time passed minute by minute.

Soon, a Maserati drove near and gradually appeared in everyone’s field of vision.

The car slowly stopped in front of the special trainers. ‘1- Is he here? ‘Is the Black Dragon finally here?’

Everyone held their breath and stared at the Maserati in front of them.

Clinton was one of the hundred people. He was instantly stunned after seeing the car. ‘Isn’t this car driven by Thea’s husband, James? Why is it at the military region?’ The open field was densely packed with soldiers. The car door opened, and a tall man dressed in ordinary clothes got out under the gazes of countless people “Salute!”

A voice resounded. Thurnp!

Everyone immediately stood straight and raised their right hands to their brows.

Their movements were neat and uniform Chase, who was in uniform with a star badge on his shoulder, rushed over.

He stood in front of James, saluted, and greeted, “Chase Nelson of the North Cansington Military Region. It’s a pleasure to see you, General Black Dragon. The special forces trainees have assembled and are waiting for your lesson.”

James waved his hand.

Then, he walked to the front of the hundreds of people under the crowd’s gazes.

Clinton was shocked and horrified to see James.

“H-How can this be?!


He was in disbelief.

He could not believe that James was the General of the Southern Plains, one of the Five Commanders of Sol and Guardian of Sol.

James approached nonchalantly,

His aura instantly changed drastically when he appeared in front of the hundred soldiers.

At that moment, he was no longer the lazy James,

Al that moment, he exuded a domineering aura.

This was an aura that could only be obtained through countless battles. His temperament overwhelined the group of juniors that had never been on the battlefield before, making it hard for them to breathe The chosen elites from across the country looked at James like a wild beast.


A resonance and powerful voice sounded The hundred soldiers saluting put down their hands “Since you’ve been selected to be a member of the future special forces and will be going through special training, then train hard. The country will be yours to protect in the future!”

James opened his mouth but did not say much.

After saying a few sentences, he lumed around and left.

Under the countless gazes, he walked toward the Maserati and was about to open the door to get in “General…”

A voice resonated.

James stopped and turned to meet the person.

A tanned-skinned man in his 40s ran toward bin, saluted, and greeted, “Flying Eagle, Chief instructor of the Flying Eagle Special Forces. Pleased to meet you, Sir!”


“Is there something else?” James nodded lightly and asked.

“I’ve long heard of the General’s accomplishments. You’re the Military God of Sol, and it’s rumored that your strength and medical skills are unparalleled in this world. Today, I finally have the honor to meet you. Please forgive my intrusion, but I would like to have a match and learn a few pointers from you.” Flying Eagle shouted. “You’re challenging me?” James squinted his eyes.

“Flying Eagle, what are you doing? Step back!” Chase came over and scolded.

“General Nolan, this my and the Flying Eagle Special Forces’ wish. It’s also every soldier’s dream. We’ve only heard of the Black Dragon’s strength and never witnessed it with our own eyes..”

He peeked at James while speaking “Please fulfill the wishes of a subordinale, General Allow us to see the General’s strength.”

Jarnes nodded

He walked to the open field Looking at Flying Eagle, he reached out with one hand and gestured for him to attack “Go ahead.”

“Sorry if I offend you, General.” The Flying Eagle’s aura immediately changed, and he looked like a ferocious eagle. His fingers clenched into a fist and rapidly dashed forward. The momentum of him swinging his hand was so fast that it created a whistling sound. Bang! However, before he got close to James, he was already sent flying and miserably fell to the ground, causing dirt to rise in the air. James said nothing more, nor did he plan to stay any longer. Immediately, he turned around and drove away under the gazes of tens of thousands of people.

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