The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 343

Chapter 343 Clinton took a deep breyti.

“Of course I did. The Black Dragon was so overpowering the strongest of North Cansington, Flying Eagle did not even last one attack and was defeated in an instant”

Clinton’s blood wis still boiliny.she recalled the scene Hearing this, Xara confirmed that Chiulon lux soen James. Gasp!

She could not help bul wasp.

She felt so sulfocated, havini okup the notion during this lite She knew James’ identity for a long time but could not tell anyone out it ‘s with Now that soilieone from the hills knew lunes’il entity, she could only ISCUSS). Clinton “Clinton, the truth is, I had actually learned of James’identity along ilmetto Heinol only the General of the Southern Plains, the lack Druon but also the behind the Sellie’s boss of Cansington’s transgenerational New City and Transgenerational Financial Center Jum’s W.IS the one who arranged ny job in the Transgenerational Group” “What?”

Clinton’s jaw dropped. “Y You already knew?!”


Xara gestured for him to hushi and whispered, “Be quiet. Do you want the whole world to find out?”

clinton quickly closed his mouth. He glanced around and confirmed that no one was approckling them. Then, he whispered,” Xara, why did James hide his identity and approach Thea? What is le trying to do?”

“You probably don’t know of his other identity yet He’s actually the person that Thea rushed into the burning Candens’ villa to save ten years ago. He must be trying to repay Thea for her life-saving grace.” Xara wore an envious expression. Thea was the luckiest woman in this world.

The man behind hier was one on the top of the power and wealth pyramid.

“Eveli so, there isn’t a need to hlde his identity, right?” asked clinton. Xara shook her head and replied, “Maybe he has his own reasons.” The two quietly chatted about James, Meanwhile, James had already driven far away,

At this moment, he was already on the highway,

Thea sat in the passenger seat with an absent-minded expression. “What’s the matter, Darling? Why do you look so gloomy?” “T-It’s nothing. Concentrate on the road. Don’t get distracted,” Thea regained her senses and replied “Yes, Ma’am!”

James focused on driving and refrained from asking any more questions.

Soon, they returned to Cansington However, Thea did not want to go home. Instead, she requested to be dropped off and asked James to return home without her. James did not say much and drove back alone After Thea got off the car, she took a taxi toward the Majestic Corporation.

The mysterious Mr. Caden had helped her countless times, and it was only reasonable for her to thank him face-to-face Additionally, she wanted to tell him not to continue secretly helping her because she did not deserve it.

Soon, she arrived at Majestic Corporation. Newton was the person that received Thea. Majestic Corporation, reception room. “Ms. Thea, is there something I can help you with?” asked Newton.

Thea sat nervously on the sofa and glanced at Newton. She opened her mouth slightly and uttered, “M-May I know if the chairman is here? 1- I would like to see him.”

“Ms. Thea, the chairman, is not in right now. May I ask what you need? I will relay the message to the chairman.” “1- It’s nothing.”

Thea stood up and left.

Newton immediately notified James after she left.

At that moment, James had already arrived home.

David and the others had already gone to the large villa in the Goodview Villa District, and James was the only one home.

He was sitting on the sofa when he saw the message from Newton. Thea didn’t come home to look for the mysterious Mr. Caden? This mysterious Mr. Caden’s position in Thea’s heart has grown.’

He murmured.

It was reasonable.

Since Thea had constantly mistaken his help as a gesture from the mysterious Mr. Caden, it was understandable that he would grow on her. “This is troublesome.’

James gently touched his temples.

Thea was gorgeous. Any man would be interested in her after witnessing her beauty. This was the reason for so many troubles.

He pondered about it and called Newton.

“Newton, help me prepare a brand new phone and inform Thea to meet me tonight.”

James hung up the phone after giving the order.

Afterward, he called Henry and instructed, “Henry, help me prepare some materials….”

James listed the materials he needed.

“James, why do you need to make a human skin mask? What are you trying to do?” Henry immediately grasped what James wanted to do when he heard the material list

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