The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 344

Chapter 344 James was slightly confused by Thea. He was unsure whether Thea liked the other version of him. What would he do if that were the case?

In order to verify his suspicion, he wanted to test Thea.

He planned to change his identity to the mysterious Mr. Caden and contact her to find out what she really thought in her heart.

He did not answer Henry’s questions. He hung up the call and waited patiently at home. Thea left Majestic Corporation with disappointment. Before she arrived home, she received a call from Newton. “Ms. Thea, the chairman said that he can meet you tonight. He will contact you about the details.”

Thea was excited after receiving the call.

She began to look forward to it.

She anticipated for the night to arrive. She hummed a melody when entering the house, “What happened, Darling? Why are you so happy?” James, on the sofa, glanced at Thea, who returned home and could not help asking. Thea was ecstatic and could not hide her excitement. However, she could not share this joy with James. Therefore she shook her head and said, “It’s nothing. I’m going to shower and head to the company.”

Thea went back to her room after speaking.

James did not say much.

Soon, Thea came out. She had already changed her outfit. Instead of a professional business outfit, she wore a sexy and glamorous dress. She had carefully dressed up for the occasion. “Darling, you’re wearing such a beautiful dress. Are you going out on a date?” James asked teasingly with a smile.

“O of course not! What date can I go on? I’m going to the company to meet a big client,” Thea explained with a blushed face.

James smiled “Okay!” James replied.

Thea’s various behaviors had convinced him that she had fallen in love with the mysterious Mr. Caden,

He rubbed his forehead.

“How did things get so out of hand?’ thought James.

After Thea left, James also did not stay home for long and left for Henry’s Common Clinic.

Shortly after he left, David and Alyssa returned home The two entered the door and sat on the sofa.


Alyssa took David’s hand and said coquet tishly. “The Callahans have developed well recently and are moving into a big villa. However, my family is still crowded in a small house of a hundred square meters. Plus, my brother is about to get married soon. The betrothal gifts will cost a hundred thousand dollars. You have to help me.”

“Me? How can I help you? The money isn’t mine,” David said helplessly.

“Doesn’t Mom have tens of inillions in savings? You’re her son. She should give you some if you ask for it. Besides, Thea…”

“The head of Xenoses gave Thea two billion dollars when we were in North Cansington. Two billion dollars!” Alyssa whispered.

“What are you trying to imply?” David glanced at her. “Ask Thea for money, and if she doesn’t give it to us, we’ll steal it…” Alyssa whispered. “W-We can’t do that!” David immediately refused.

“Are you stupid?” Alyssa said with a stern expression, “She’s your sister. We can steal her card and transfer the money to our account. So what if she discovers we stole it? I trust that Thea won’t call the police to arrest you.”

Alyssa’s words tempted David.

It was true.

Richard gave Thea two billion dollars, so it should not be a problem for him to take several hundred million They could get a lot with a few hundred million dollars. “Babe, we’ll have to plan this carefully. We don’t know Thea’s bank card password, so we’ll have to find a way to get it first.”


The two began to discuss their plans.

At this moment, James had arrived at Common Clinic

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