The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 345

Chapter 345 “James.”

As soon as he entered the clinic, a woman in her twenties wearing a thin shirt paired with a mini denim skirt and a ponytail greeted James with a smile.

It was Whitney. Whitney had been staying at Henry’s clinic for the past few days. She had witnessed James ordering people to raze the Purity Pharmaceuticals’ factory, and after doing some research, she had a rough guess about James’ identity. Although she did not know the details, she figured out that James was a prominent figure from the Southern Plains.


James nodded to Whitney and entered the room.

“James,” Henry quickly rushed over and greeted. “Where’s the things I asked for?” “Over there. They just arrived,” Henry pointed to a box on the floor and replied James walked over, picked up the box, and entered the back room to start working Outside.

Whitney pulled Henry and was almost fully leaning her body onto him. She asked with a smile. “Henry, what’s James doing?”

Henry shrugged his shoulders and replied, “How would i know?”

Inside the back room, James began to make a realistic human mask.

He was proficient in medical skills, and making a human mask was an easy job for him.

The mask he made resembled him ten years ago.

Ten years ago, he was burnt all over and disfigured. After being cured, his appearance also changed Now, he wanted to make a human mask that looked like him ten years ago, After he finished, he went to the Majestic Corporation Majestic Corporation, Chairman’s office.

James put on an expensive suit and branded watch. His temperament had undergone a drastic transformation. He wore the human mask he made and changed his appearance. He now looked like a handsome young man.

He had fair skin, an attractive appearance, and looked like a wealthy man His current appearance was completely different than his usual sell.

He stood in front of the mirror Glancing at his face in the mirror, he had flashb.cks of many things from the past The Cadens, his grandfather, luis father, and his mother who had abandoned him very young He also thought of his girlfriend from high school – Quincy “Chairman A charming voice sounded from behind him This voice pulled James back from his thoughts and turned around to face her Serena stood behind him. She was dressed in professional attire-a white blouse and black pencil skirt Her long black hair fell on her shoulders, and she had a curvy S line body “Yeah.” He nodded lightly and acknowledged Serena Serena quickly took out a new phone and handed it over with both hands “This is the new phone I’ve prepared.” James took it from her “Chairman, can I help you with anything else?” James waved his hand and said, “You can leave now” “Alright” Serena nodded and left.

James sat on the leather office chair and planced at the lime. Il was only four in the afternoon, and there was still time before night He took out his phone and called Newton “Mr. Quinn, prepare a car for me.” “What class would you need, James?” “The more luxurious, the better.” His current identity was not the son-in-law of the Callahans but the chairman of Majestic Corporation. He was now a business owner with assets worth tens of billions. It was unreasonable for him to keep a low profile now Moreover, he was going to see his wise, Thea. It would be unacceptable for him to show up very shabbily. “Alright, I’ll make the arrangements now.”

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