The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 346

Chapter 346 Newton hurried to prepare the car.

Newton had taken over the Great Four’s ceded businesses and established Majestic Corporation. Majestic Corporation had tens of billion in assets right now It was easy for him to get a luxurious car.

He prepared a Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost in no time The car was worth one billion eight hundred million dollars and could not be bought with just money. It required strong connections Majestic Corporation had broad network connections now This was because the businesses under Majestic Corporation were ceded by the Great Four The Great Four had deep connections in Cansington Apart from the bankrupt Xaviers, the other three families were still very influential Soon, it was five in the evening James took out the new phone and sent Thea a message “What time are we meeting?”

Thea was at the Pacific Group.

She was absent-minded the whole afternoon and constantly checked her phone After waiting for a long time, she finally received a notification.

It was an unfamiliar number, and she was unsure if it was from the mysterious Mr Caden.

(May I ask who you are?) Thea replied politely. James Caden] James replied immediately. Thea’s heart beat rapidly after seeing the message. She desperately calmed herself down and replied again. (Is this James from Majestic Corporation?

[Yes.] (W-Where are you right now? I’ll come over immediately. Where are you? i’u pick you up.) (1’m at Pacific Group…)

James chose not to call Thea. Instead, he chatted with her through messages. After exchanging messages for a while, James headed down the building and drove the Rolls Royce Silver Ghost prepared by Newton to the Pacific Group.

Pacific Group Headquarters. Thea was already waiting downstairs.

She was gorgeous in her white slipdress that outlined her sexy figure. Thea was now a famous figure in Cansington, and many media reporters were gathered around the headquarters, hoping to capture some scandals about her.

Seeing Thea waiting outside the company building and constantly checking left and right, the media reporters immediately knew she was waiting for someone.

They secretly snapped pictures of her.

Soon, a Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost appeared outside Pacific Group.

A handsome young man with fair skin dressed in a white suit, exuding an extraordinary aura, stepped out of the car.

Thea had been waiting for a while. Upon seeing the Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost and a handsome young man in a white suit, she immediately knew that this was the mysterious Mr. Caden from the Cadens.

This was the person she saved ten years ago.

This was the person who saved her from Trent.

This was the person who had constantly been helping her in secret. Although she had never seen his face before, she was sure this was him.

‘H- He’s so handsome…’

Seeing James approaching, Thea’s heartbeat uncontrollably faster, and she almost suffocated when she saw the handsome features on the man’s face.

‘This… Is this him?”

James approached Thea with a smile. “Thea.”

His voice was clear and magnetic

His voice seemed to have magical powers that deeply attracted Thea At this moment, a sexy woman in a red dress with red lipstick and sunglasses approached. It was Quincy. Quincy had come to see Thea a few times, but she was always not in the office. Today, she decided to look for Thea after getting off work to discuss and introduce Zavier to her. When she arrived at Pacific Group’s building, she immediately spotted someone.

Tears welled up in her eyes upon seeing the man’s face. This was the face that had constantly been popping up in her mind for the past ten years.

“J-James.” Her lips parted slightly She watched James walk toward Thea in the distance, After a brief surprise, Thea recollected herself and glanced at James. Her face immediately Mushed red.

Finally, she met him.

She had a lot to say but did not know where to start,

“Let’s go.” James gestured for her to get in the car.

“oh, alright.”

Thea recollected herself.

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