The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 347

Chapter 347 The two walked side by side.

Media reporters secretly photographed the scene. Quincy was shocked in the distance. She quickly approached them and stood before the two, then took off her sunglasses. “Thea…” she said with her jaw dropped open.

Next, she turned toward James.

There was a slight resentment on her face, and her eyes began to tear up.

James frowned ‘Why is Quincy here? “James…” Her vision began to blur with tears, and she raised her head to glance aggrievedly at James. “Hmm?

“Why are you here?” James glanced at her and asked. Thea, who stood beside James, felt awkward about the situation.

She knew the mysterious Mr. Caden was her best friend, Quincy’s boyfriend ten years ago. “Quincy…” She glanced at Quincy with her face flushed red from shame. Quincy glanced at him with tears in her eyes and said, “James, do you know I’ve waited ten years for you? “I knew you weren’t dead! I just could sense you near me. I’ve waited ten years for you. I’ve rejected countless suitors because of you. Yet, look at yourself! You never showed yourself, and now you’re with her when you do? Don’t you know she has a husband?” Hearing her words, Thea’s selt even more ashamed. “Inow that Thea has a husband. That’s why I’m meeting her to make it clear. You and I only dated for a few months. Plus, that was ten years ago, and I’ve long forgotten about you,” James replied with a frown. “Let’s go.” James glanced at Thea and smiled apologetically. Thea nodded lightly and lowered her head, not daring to look at Quincy, She was unsure of what to say to Quincy. James walked directly toward the Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost.

Thea got in the passenger seat.

Quincy stood in place and watched the two leave as tears fell uncontrollably from her face.

A luxurious restaurant in Cansington, private room.

James and Thea sat opposite each other. Thea lowered her head but could not help peeping at James. Seeing his handsome face, she blushed, and her heartbeat kept rising, “Thank… Thank you for your help during this period.” “This is nothing. I would’ve been dead if you didn’t rush into the flames to rescue me. You’ve suffered these past ten years, and nothing I do can make up for what you’ve done for me.” James said with a smile.

James stopped talking after saying this. He was waiting Waiting for Thea’s response,

However, Thea remained silent.

The atmosphere instantly fell into a dead silence.

Ten seconds later, Thea raised her head and glanced at the handsome Black Dragon in front of her, hesitating to speak.

“What do you want to say?”

“Who am I to deserve your help? I have a husband,” Thea took a deep breath and said, “I know, I am simply grateful toward you. I didn’t show myself because you have a husband. Haha… What a coincidence for your husband to also be named James and my former subordinate.”

Thea’s heart skipped a beat. She had a rough guess of the mysterious Mr. Caden’s identity but never imagined it to be true.

He really was the Black Dragon. “He…Forget about him. If only he had one-tenth of your capabilities,” Thea shook her head and said.

James smiled lightly. ‘It seems I really have no position in Thea’s heart,’ thought James,

“Actually, your husband is a great man. He was extraordinary combat and medical skills. He would’ve had a bright future if not for some things that had happened. He is a very committed person in relationships. I hope you treat him well and don’t let him down.” James felt a little awkward saying all this, It was weird to compliment oneself. Seeing that Thea did not speak, James thought for a moment and immediately said, “You can always choose to divorce him if you don’t love him. I won’t mind you being married before. I’ll immediately marry you if you divorce him and make you the happiest woman in the world. All the women will be envious of you.” Thea’s body trembled. Divorce?

At this inoment, she had the urge to immediately divorce the other James and throw hersell at the James before her.

Her body language betrayed her, and she could not hide her feelings from Jarnes.

He sighed internally.

‘It seems Thea really doesn’t like the lax James that isn’t successful in anything.

‘She prefers this mysterious Mr. Caden that can help her through everything, thought James.

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