The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 349

Chapter 349 The Emperor of the Capital, one of the Five Commanders? The most powerful amongst the Five Commanders, who steadily controlled the Capital? “Anything else?”

James glanced at Jake.

“I’ve investigated a lot of things about the ancient box’s source and inquired about the grave robbers. The grave robber gang had received money from a mysterious employer. They received the map of the Prince of Orchid Mountain, which helped thein successfully enter the tomb and find the ancient box. However, an unexpected acident occurred, and someone stole it while the key fell into Scarlett’s hands.”

“Get to the important part. Who was the person that stole the ancient box, and who is the mysterious employer?” James glanced at him and said,

“According to the intel collected, the person who stole the ancient box is Floyd Zink He is a very well-known name in the underworld. He was the one that brought the box to Cansington Floyd happens to be the Emperor’s confidant,

“That means the mysterious employer is the Emperor?” James had an unusually dim expression Jake shook his head slightly and said, “I’m not sure, but the Emperor is definitely related to this incident. My intelligence network doesn’t reach the Capital, and I don’t dare to expand there either. Thus, I’ve no way to inquire about things in the Capital.”

James fell into silence, After a moment, he said, “Alright.” Then, he got up and left.

Henry and Whitney followed after him.

Henry drove them back to Common Clinic Inside the clinic James sat on a chair and smoked a cigarette while deep in thought. The ancient tomb of the Prince of Orchid Mountain, ancient box, keys, Moonlit Flowers on cliffside’s Edge… Judging by the timeline, the grave robber gang acted alter James had submitted his resignation application.

li had already been three months.

After he came to Cansinglon, he felt a strong murderous intention while job hunting with Thea and chased after the person. However, he encountered Scarlett instead. “This seems like a deliberale plan by someone to get Scarlett by my side and allow the key to fall into fdy hands ‘What is this employer’s motive?

Could the Cadens’ demise ten years ago have something to do with the Emperor?’ ‘Things will be very complicated if it involves the Emperor. ‘Why hasn’t my opponent acted? Is it because my resignation application hasn’t been approved yet, and I’m still the Black Dragon, so he is afraid?’ thought James. James clenched his fists tightly. He thought about a lot instantly Suddenly, he said, “Henry.”

“What’s wrong, James?”

“Inform the Blithe King to prepare a private plane for me. I’m going to the Capital,” James instructed.



“Okay, I’ll make arrangements right away.”

Henry did not delay and immediately called the Blithe King, asking him to arrange a private plan from the military region. After the phone call, he drove James to the military region.

Cansington, military region. A helicopter was parked in an open field. “What are you going to the Capital for around this time, James?” the Blithe King glanced at James and asked curiously.

“I need to verify some things and meet the higher-ups to ask why my resignation hasn’t been approved yet,” said James. “Do you really want to resign?” asked Henry. James did not reply. He simply turned around and got into the helicopter

The helicopter gradually took off and left the place, instantly disappearing from Henry and the Blithe King’s sight. The Blithe King turned to Henry and asked, “What is the Black Dragon doing?” Henry shrugged his shoulders and replied, “I don’t know, but…I have a feeling chaos is about to break loose.”

“What do you mean?” “The Blithe King looked at him doubtfully,

Henry sighed and said, “You already know about James’ background. His family has a treasure map, and recently a treasure box was unearthed from an ancient tomb in the Southern Plains. ‘This Treasure box happens to be related to James’ family treasure map. However, the Emperor seems to be involved with the treasure box. James probably suspects that the Cadens’ demise ten years ago had something to do with the Emperor, so he is going to the Capital to confront him “What?!” The Blithe King exclaimed.

“Confront him? Why didn’t you tell me earlier?! Don’t you know who the Emperor is? He stands on top of the Capital and is a master of conspiracy and tricks. The Black Dragon won’t be able to get anything from him just by confronting him. This will be a mess if he fights him once there’s a disagreement.”

Henry was also helpless.

He knew exactly what kind of temper James had and knew the consequences might be dire, but he could not stop it from happening. “I think sames should know the boundaries. After all, this is the Emperor we’re talking about He is also one of the Five Commanders, James wouldn’t act recklessly until there is conclusive evidence.”


The Blithe king took a deep breath.

He hoped things would not go the way he imagined. Chaos would definitely break loose if James were to go against the Emperor.

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