The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 352

Chapter 352 James boarded the private plane back to Cansington that night.

It was already midnight when he arrived at Thea’s house.

Fortunately, he had brought the house keys with him today.

He quietly entered the house.

As soon as he entered the room, the lights flipped on immediately. James was startled and glanced at Thea, who was sitting on the bed with a stern expression.

He awkwardly scratched his head and asked, “You’re still awake, darling?”

“Look at the time. Where did you go?” Thea’s displeasure was written clearly on her face.

James immediately came up with an excuse and hurriedly replied, “I was at the company. I’m late because the company is still trying to improve various systems and we had a meeting tonight. I’m sorry. I’ll let you know next time I work overtime.”

Thea’s anger was slightly assuaged.



“Nevermind. It’s nothing.”

Thea turned around and went back to bed She wanted to bring up the divorce but did not know where to start. Ever since she met the mysterious Mr. Caden, his words had been on her mind all night. Throughout the night, she thought about divorcing her James to marry the other James. However, she was thankful for her James’ kindness toward her.

Without him, she would not have recovered her appearance.

James knew what was on her mind.

Despite that, he did not press her further. He simply lay down and slept beside Thea. The night passed silently.

The next day.

Thea left for work early in the morning.

James woke up after nine o’clock

He walked out of the room.

Living room.

Gladys, Benjamin, David, and Alyssa were gathered together, looking at their phone screens seriously.

“What’s the matter? What’re you guys looking at?” James walked out and asked out of curiosity “The Black Dragon has resigned.” David raised his head and replied, “General of the Southern Plains, one of the Five Commanders of Sol, the Black Dragon, has resigned! From now on, Sol will no longer have a Black Dragon. The Five Commanders will become the Four Commanders!” “Oh,” James murmured.

News of the Black Dragon’s resignation had spread like wildfire throughout the country just that morning.

Major television channels and news platforms covered the shocking announcement “Goodmorning, viewers. This is Sols’ News Channel. Today at eight in the morning, our country’s supreme commander has called for a meeting to discuss the resignation of the General of the Southern Plains, the Black Dragon. From today onwards, the position of the Black Dragon of the Southern Plains will cease to exist.” The news swept the entire network. Instantly, it became a sensational topic online. The top ten trending posts on social media were all about the Black Dragon.

Why did the Black Dragon resign?

Why would they approve the Black Dragon’s resignation? The conspiracy behind the Black Dragon’s resignation.The legendary story of the Black Dragon. Various topics surrounding the legendary Black Dragon were popping up one after another. The Black Dragon’s resignation threw everyone for a loop. There was longer a Black Dragon in Sol. There was no longer a legend within the military. Many citizens begged and pleaded for the Black Dragon to return.

Pacific Group Thea was in the office processing some documents when the news came up on her computer screen.

She sat in her chair dumbfounded as she read the article.

‘B-Black Dragon resigned?’ She was shocked and it took her a while before she could gather her thoughts again.

‘What’s going on? Everything was fine, so why did the Black Dragon have to resign? What exactly happened here?’

Had she not personally known the Black Dragon, the news would have meant nothing to her since they both were part of very different worlds

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