The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 353

Chapter 353 Nevertheless, she knew the identity of the Black Dragon.

He was the mysterious Mr. Caden.

The news of the Black Dragon’s resignation spread all over the country. At the same time, a different scandal making its way across Cansington.

This scandal was related to Thea. Some videos and photos surfaced on the internet.

The footage featured Thea and an extraordinarily handsome man getting on a Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost.

This scandal was a trifling matter next to the Black Dragon’s resignation.

More news made its rounds (Unbelievable news! The mysterious chairman of Majestic Corporation is James who also held the position of the Black Dragon! This James isn’t Thea’s husband but the man in the videos with Thea.

That’s shocking! The Black Dragon has been in Cansington secretly helping Thea.

It’s no wonder so many prominent figures were currying favor with Thea. Turns out the person she saved ten years ago was the Black Dragon.

is that the real face of the Black Dragon?

He’s so handsome!

James was blindsided by the new hot topic of discussion.

Those who were dying to figure out the Black Dragon’s appearance were finally able to see his true face

Thea sure is shameless. She already has a husband so why is she playing with my Black Dragon?

The Black Dragon is mine.

F*ck off, Thea.

A barrage of insults and sardonic comments targeting Thea also appeared on the internet from fangirls and admirers of the Black Dragon.

Thea faced massive backlash on the internet.

Some people even went so far as to surround the Pacific Group.

These women had bottles of sulfuric acid in tow along with threats to disfigure Thea’s face.

Eventually, the military came forward to suppress the crazed fanatics. All these startling revelations had thrown everyone outside into a chaotic uproar. Meanwhile, James was in Common Clinic.

“James, what did you say to the supreme commander? Why did they suddenly announce your resignation? Why did they have to announce it so publicly that everyone in the country would know about it?” Henry eyed James suspiciously.

Whitney sat aside.

Although she knew James was someone influential from the Southern Plains, she never expected him to be such a prominent figure.

He was the General of the Southern Plains. The Military God of Sol.

“It was already an inevitable fact that I was going to resign. I submitted my resignation application a few months ago. For one of the Five Commanders to resign, of course, it’d make it to the news. It’s only normal for something so major to be announced through the media.”

James stretched his arms and countered calmly.

“I’ve finally resigned and have been liberated from all those cumbersome burdens. I’m finally free to do anything.”

Suddenly, a rough-looking man with a stony face and thick eyebrows walked inside the clinic. The Blithe King He was not dressed in his military uniform. Instead, he wore very ordinary clothing. Whitney stood up nervously after seeing the incoming guest.

‘T-The Blithe King?

‘One of the Five Commanders, the Blithe King is here?’

She did not feel a lick of nervousness around James despite his identity as the Black Dragon being revealed. However, seeing another one of the Five Commanders put her on edge for some reason.

“James, what’re you doing? Everything was going well, so why did you resign?” The Blithe King walked in with a stern expression and asked tensely.

“I submitted the resignation application long ago but it never got approved. What’s so strange about it finally getting approved?” James lazily replied. The Blithe King narrowed his eyes doubtfully.

“James, tell me the truth. Did something happen? You’re the General of the Southern Plains. You’re in control of the dragon army of millions of soldiers. You’re the Military God! The belief of the soldiers rests upon your shoulders and it should have been impossible for them to signation,” the Blithe King sat down and continued to needle Jaines for proper answers.

The Blithe King was sensible and strong since he was on of the Five Commanders.

He had a feeling that something major was about to take place. James smiled lightly and said nothing. Instead, he stood up, tapped the Blithe King’s shoulder, and walked out of the Common Clinic “Blithe King, I really like you. You’re old-fashioned, but your loyalty is commendable. I never understood why the higher-ups wanted to establish the five military regions. I thought it was because they wanted to transfer me to Cansington since they knew I was here. However, they transferred you here instead. I just realized the higher-ups have their own plans.”


The Blithe king was stunned. “Haha…”

“Do what you need to do. I’ll ask you for help if I need it. By the way, pretend you never came to see me today and take that secret to your grave. You should go. Meanwhile, I’m going back to being James, the useless son-in-law of the Callahans.”

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