The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 354

Chapter 354 The Black Dragon’s resignation. The identity of the mysterious man backing Thea was exposed.

The series of shocking news coming one after the other took the world by storm. In stark contrast to the chaos outside, James had attained the peaceful life of a homemaker as he wished.

In the days that followed, Thea’s routine consisted of her leaving the house early in the morning and returning home as late as possible.

Even after the internet exposed her close relationship with the Black Dragon, her life seemed to continue on mostly as normal.

Meanwhile, James found a few books about human meridians, acupuncture points, and an introduction to medicine for Thea to learn from. After teaching her the fundamentals, he could pass on some medical skills to her so she would seem more well prepared at the medical conference.

After Thea had finished dealing with the company’s affair, she buried her head in her books and studied diligently,

Five days passed in the blink of an eye,

Since her last meeting with the mysterious Mr. Caden, Thea had not seen him again.

She had texted him but never once received a reply.

After the Callahans had discovered the person Thea saved was the Black Dragon all along, they instantly tried to curry favor with her and invite her back to Eternality.

Despite the fact that he had resigned, he was still a former member of the Five Commanders, meaning he had vast connections.

Thea refused.

She was currently in charge of Pacific Group, so she was not obligated to comply with the Callahans’s demands.

After finding out that Thea’s card had more than two billion dollars in it, David and Alyssa tried everything they could to find out her password. After several days of planning, they finally came up with a way to obtain it. At night, during dinner.

Thea was studying in her room and was focused on reading the books on medicine.

Alyssa walked into the room with her phone.


“Yeah? What’s the matter?” Thea put down the book and asked quizzically. Alyssa approached with her phone and said, “I need to buy something online but my card’s run out of money. Could you help me pay for it, Thea?”

Thea glanced at Alyssa’s phone screen and saw that the item in question was only a little over 2,000 dollars. She nodded and replied, “Alright. Choose to ask a friend to pay, and i’ll make the payment for you.” Alyssa followed her instructions.

After she had done so, Thea then made the payment for her. During this period, Alyssa stared raptly as Thea entered her online shopping password. In the days that led up to this, she had discussed with David and consulted many psychology experts. Psychology experts pointed out that, under normal circumstances, a person’s bank card password and the online banking payment password would usually be the same because it was worry-free, simple, and easy to remember. “Thanks, Thea.” Alyssa flashed a bright smile after she had memorized Thea’s password. Thea returned her smile, picked up her book, and continued studying. Alyssa walked out and returned to her room.

David anxiously asked her as soon as she walked into the room, “How did it go, darling?”

Alyssa made an okay gesture with her hands and smugly grinned. “I got her password. All we have to do now is steal her card and see if her password for her online payment is the same as her bank card password. We’ll go according to the plan. I’ll find an opportunity to distract both James and Thea while you go steal the card.”


David nodded.

The two re-confirmed and smoothed out the plan’s details.

Ready to set her plan in motion, Alyssa walked out of the room again and knocked on Thea’s door. “Thea, let’s go for a walk around the community.” James answered the door and said, “Thea is studying and can’t go right now. Can’t you go by yourself?”

“What do you mean, James? Thea has been working hard in the company this whole time! Besides, she’s off work right now. She should go out for a walk. Otherwise, her body won’t be able to handle all the stress this studying is putting on her.”

Alyssa chided James and forced her way into the room.

Then, she pulled Thea out of the room. “Thea, let’s go stretch your legs. You can continue studying later” Thea had been reading for a long period of time and was indeed a little dizzy. “Honey, let’s go for a walk. I’m a little light-headed and need some air to clear my head.” “Alright.” Since Thea agreed, James had no reason to turn down the idea.

The three left together.

Gladys and Benjamin had gone out for dinner, so no one else was home.

After the three walked out of the door, David cautiously slipped into Thea’s room.

He saw a wallet on the desk.

He opened it and saw an array of cards inside.

David had seen the card number that was given to Thea by Richard in North Cansington. Consequently, he knew exactly which card he was looking for.

He took it out quietly and stealthily returned to his room. His heart was beating like a drum after returning to his room. This whole plan was nerve-wracking.

He took a few deep breaths in an effort to calm down.

Then, he sent Alyssa a message.

“I’ve got it. I’H head out now to a bank to try out the password. Keep them busy a little longer, and don’t let Thea return home anytime soon

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