The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3571

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3571-A few even issued warnings to prevent other Macrocosm Ancestral Gods from planning to play dirty tricks.

On the other hand, Hadad remained silent throughout the conversation.

His strength was considered the weakest among them. Thus, he was not qualified to speak. Even if he were to say something, the others would not converse with him.

Hearing the Omnipotent Lord’s suggestion, Hadad began to think about the powerhouses below the Ancestral God Rank in the Twelfth Universe, contemplating who to send to the new universe to compete against the other universe’s powerhouses for the boons.

The Omnipotent Lord said, “It will take about thirty million years for the new universe to stabilize. After that, many treasures will keep appearing in this universe. No one is allowed to enter the universe within these thirty million years. After thirty million years, living beings below the Ancestral God Rank can freely enter the universe.

“During this period, we’ll supervise and restrain each other. If any Macrocosm Ancestral God enters the universe during this period to seize the Macrocosm Core, they will become the public enemy of all twelve universes.”

Hearing the Omnipotent Lord’s threats, those scheming to obtain the Macrocosm Core immediately dismissed their plans.

“Alright. Let’s disperse and return to our universes. Arrange for your candidates to come here for the boons thirty million years later. Also, I’d like to remind everyone. If your people die in battle while trying to obtain the boons of this universe, don’t hold any grudges. Don’t send them here if you’re afraid of losing powerful subordinates.”

One of the Macrocosm Ancestral Gods gave a warning, seemingly very confident in the powerhouses of his universe.

The Macrocosm Ancestral Gods held a very brief meeting and left after coming to a conclusion.

All of them left the universe.

Although they were physically gone, they all left a trace of their Divine Sense in the universe to surveil it and prevent each other from going after the Macrocosm Core.

A Macrocosm Core was capable of improving a Macrocosm Ancestral God’s strength.

Hadad returned to the Twelfth Universe with a heavy heart.

He arrived back in Hadad Palace and sat down in the main hall. He looked into the distance, lost in thought.

There were many geniuses in the Twelfth Universe and many cultivators below the Ancestral God Rank who were also very powerful. However, the Twelfth Universe was the weakest among the others. If he were to send them over, they would definitely die.

These powerhouses were potential Caelum Ancestral Gods. If they were to die, the Twelfth Universe would become even weaker.

“What should I do?”

Hadad was in a tough spot.

Suddenly, he thought of someone.

“How could I have forgotten about him?”

Hadad thought of James. James had defeated Quinn, the former number one of Mount Heavenly Path’s Martial Ranking, and displayed great strength.

Initially, Hadad wanted to kill James. However, he was forced to win over James after failing to take his life.

Now was the perfect chance to solve this threat.

He could send James to the new universe to seize the great boons. If James obtained great treasures and opportunities in the universe, James would be grateful toward him and stay loyal to Mount Heavenly Path.

Meanwhile, if James were to die in battle, he would easily eliminate a future problem.

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