The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3573

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3573-Hadad looked at James and asked, “Do you know there are twelve universes?”

James nodded lightly and replied, “Yeah.”

Hadad explained, “A new universe has just been born in the Chaos. If we rank the universes merely by the time they were formed, this new universe will be called the Thirteenth Universe.”

James and Melinda exclaimed simultaneously, “Huh?”

Startled, James thought, ‘The Thirteenth Universe? This shouldn’t be happening, right?’

James was from the future. He had fought with Heaven’s Adjudicators and learned about the twelve universes from one of them. Moreover, Melinda had also briefed him about the twelve universes in detail before.

‘Why would Melinda leave out this information while in the Apocalypse Age?’ thought James.

James looked at Hadad.

Hadad said solemnly, “It just happened very recently. All twelve lords of the universes have sensed the fluctuations from the Chaos, and we’ve met up in the new universe.”

He looked directly at James and asked, “Do you know what the birth of a new universe means?”

James shook his head, expressing his lack of information on the topic.

Hadad explained, “It means new opportunities and boons. Chaotic Treasures will also appear with the birth of a new universe. Your Infinity Steles and the Five Elements of Genesis are Chaotic Treasures.

“Chaotic Treasures are also graded according to strength. The Five Elements of Genesis is considered a relatively weak Chaotic Treasure. As for the Infinity Steles, I’m not really sure. Since the birth of the Twelfth Universe, no one has ever obtained the Infinity Steles before you.”

James listened carefully.

Hadad sighed and said, “It’s also a new opportunity for cultivators to become a Macrocosm Ancestral God.

“The birth of a universe also means that a Macrocosm Ancestral God will rise Whoever becomes the new Macrocosm Ancestral God in this universe will become the Lord of the Universe and can seize all the new universe’s luck and boons.

“We don’t have many Macrocosm Ancestral Gods in the Twelfth Universe.

“None of the other universes will be willing to give up such a great opportunity.”

Melinda also listened carefully. She was not expecting that a new universe had been born.

Hadad said dejectedly, “Our universe is the twelfth. Amongst the other universes, we’re the weakest. Our overall strength is a lot more inferior than the others.

“The Lord of the First Universe, the Omnipotent Lord, suggested that each universe send powerhouses below the Ancestral God Rank to the new universe to search for the great boons.”

Melinda was excited by the news. She clenched her fist and said, “Perfect! I’ll go! Please send me to the new universe, Father. I’ll definitely seize some good treasures and become a new powerhouse for our universe!”

Hadad shook his head lightly and said, “I’m going to prevent the news from spreading and issue an absolute order to the Caelum Ancestral Gods of our universe to refrain from speaking of this matter. They won’t be allowed to send their disciples to the new universe either.”

Puzzled, James asked, “Why?”

Hadad explained, “Because we’re too weak compared to the other universes. Sending living beings below the Ancestral God Rank will mean sending them to their death. It’s almost impossible to survive. The more people we send, the more casualties we’ll suffer. In order to preserve our universe’s strength, I’m not going to send any disciples. You’re going to be the only person I’m sending, James.”

Startled, James asked, “Me?”

Hadad nodded and said, “Yeah. I’ve never seen another cultivator with as much potential as you. If you can become a Quasi Ancestral God, you’ll stand a chance against the other universes’ powerhouses. If I were to send the others, I would be sending them to their graves.

“You have thirty million years before you can enter the new universe. During this period, you must practice hard to improve your cultivation rank as much as possible. However, you mustn’t reach the Ancestral God Rank. Otherwise, you won’t qualify to be sent to the new universe to compete for the boons.”

James fell silent.

He never expected Hadad to plan to send him to the new universe.

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