The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3582

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3582-With the Ancestral Talisman Master’s guidance, James thoroughly comprehended Curse Magic and understood the changes of the Curse Inscriptions.

His Curse Path Seal had been raised to the peak of the Grand Emperor Rank’s Ninth Heaven.

Countless Supernatural Powers could be learned from the Curse Inscriptions.

Curse Inscriptions had to be arranged in combinations to evolve into Supernatural Powers.

Previously, Sophie studied a few Curse Inscriptions and used them to form simple Supernatural Powers—Confinement and Cycle of Time.

Curse Inscriptions were all-encompassing. novelebook.comTheoretically, they could be combined to form all sorts of Supernatural Powers that contained different Powers.

Now that James had a deep comprehension of Curse Inscription, he could easily create terrifying Supernatural Powers.

James could also assemble the Curse Inscriptions to form a terrifying Supernatural Power like Quinn’s Clone Art.

That was how powerful Curse Magic was. However, one had to be fully proficient in Curse Inscriptions to assemble them.

James put away his thoughts and stopped studying Curse Magic. He still had to raise his other Path Seal’s strength.

Now that he was proficient in Curse Inscriptions, improving his understanding of other Paths would be fairly easy.

After clearing his mind, James sensed the time and found that three million years had passed since he came to the Rune Land.

He murmured, “Time passes so fast. One-tenth of thirty million years passed in the blink of an eye. I don’t have much time left.”

James left the cliff and headed to find Melinda, who had temporarily settled down in the Rune Land as she was waiting for him.

Melinda had been bored while waiting for James for the past three million years. She had visited James a few times, but he was so focused on his cultivation.

She sat on the roof of a manor on a certain mountain in the Rune Land, looking at the runes floating around her. During these years, she also studied for a bit. However, she was not interested in cultivating and only tried to cultivate for a very short period. After that, she waited idly for James to finish.

“It’s already been three million years. How much longer is he going to cultivate?”

She sat on the roof in boredom.

Suddenly, she saw James approaching from a distance. Her face immediately lit up, and she quickly flashed before James, saying excitedly, “You’re finally done! I missed you a lot!”

After speaking, she leaped into James’ arms.

James was startled by her actions. Melinda was the daughter of the Twelfth Universe’s Lord. Not only was she pretty, but she also had an outstanding figure.

He could smell a pleasant fragrance from her and could feel her body pressing against him.

After a brief shock, James reacted and pushed her away. He said apologetically, “Sorry for keeping you waiting.”

“Don’t worry. I was just getting a little bored.”

Melinda asked smilingly, “How did your cultivation in Curse Magic go?”

James said triumphantly, “Naturally, I learned a lot. I’m already proficient in Curse Inscriptions and have raised my Curse Path Seal to the Grand Emperor Rank’s Ninth Heaven.”

“Good job! Here’s a reward!” Melinda smiled and planted a kiss on his cheek.

Then, she asked smilingly, “Where are you going next?”

After Melinda kissed James, a bad feeling rose in James’ heart. ‘Could this girl have fallen for me?’

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