The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3583

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3583-James was troubled. He did not want anything to do with Melinda. From his perspective, it was inevitable that he would soon become an enemy of Mount Heavenly Path. Moreover, he already had Thea and refused to have any sort of romantic relationship with other women.

After a brief thought, James said, “You should head back to Mount Heavenly Path, Melinda.”

James did not want Melinda to continue following him.

Puzzled, Melinda asked, “Why? We already agreed in the beginning that I’d come with you. Why are you suddenly sending me home?”

“Uhh…” James was at a loss for words.

He was not sure what to say to Melinda.

‘I can’t possibly tell her that I’m Mount Nothingness’ Master and that my mission is to destroy Mount Heavenly Path and all the powerhouses of this age so that others can have a share of the universe’s luck, right?’ thought James.

Suddenly, James fell into a dilemma when he thought about having to kill the Primeval Age’s powerhouses.

When the time called for it, would he be ruthless enough to kill the Ancestral Sword Master, the Ancestral Talisman Master, and the Five Ancestral Masters, who were acquainted with him?

Moreover, Thea would also be one of them.

Thea was his wife, so would he be able to kill her for the Twelfth Universe’s future?

‘What a troublesome situation,’ thought James.

He gently massaged his temples.

Melinda was unsure what had happened but noticed James’ worried expression and asked, “What’s wrong? Did something happen?”

“N-No, it’s nothing.” James gently shook his head.

Melinda said pleadingly, “Let me come with you, please? You’re going to head to the new universe, and there’s no telling when you’ll come back or if you might even make it back alive. I want to spend more time with you before you depart to the new universe.”

Seeing Melinda’s sincere expression, James felt helpless. He was inevitably going to break her heart again.

He could not give her any promises but also could not straightforwardly reject her. Otherwise, the Universe’s Lord, Hadad, would kill him instantly.

Oblivious to James’ worries, Melinda asked, “Where’s your next destination?”

James replied, “The Five Ancestral Masters.”

Melinda said excitedly, “The Five Ancestral Masters? I know where to find them.”

James looked at her and asked, “Is that so?”

Melinda replied smilingly, “Although the Five Ancestral Masters have existed for a very long time, they have always remained active throughout the universe. Their residence isn’t a secret. They live on Mount Element. It’s where the Five Elements of Genesis were found. Like the Rune Land, it’s also one of our universe’s Ten Holy Lands.”

“If that’s the case, let’s get going.”

James did not want to waste any more time.

Three million years had passed, and he was not left with much time.

After raising his Path Seals to the Grand Emperor Rank’s Ninth Heaven, he still had to improve his physical strength to the peak of a Quasi Ancestral God. Then, he would have to focus on stabilizing his state of mind.

He could only compete with the other universe’s powerhouses over the new universe’s boons after doing all this.

Mount Element was located in the Human Realm’s Divine Dimension. It was where the Five Elements of Genesis were born after the formation of the Twelfth Universe. It had also become the spiritual mountain where the Five Ancestral Masters cultivated.

It was an Orthodox Faction as famous as Mount Sword God.

After James and Melinda left the Rune Land, they headed toward the Human Realm and appeared within the range of Mount Element.

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