The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3585

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3585-James nodded. “Yeah, I’ve already been informed.”

Thea said solemnly, “Although the new universe has countless opportunities, it’s also a perilous place. I strongly suggest against going.”

Thea knew James had gone to the Rune Land with the Ancestral Talisman Master. She had been waiting for James to finish cultivating and specifically came to see him to persuade him not to go to the new universe.

“Our Heavenly Path is the weakest, so even if you’re at the same cultivation rank as the other universes’ cultivators, you won’t stand a chance against them.

“You should stay in the Twelfth Universe. With your potential, you’ll definitely become a Macrocosm Ancestral God.”

James did not expect Thea to be worried about his safety. He asked teasingly, “Are you worried about me?”

Thea’s beautiful face flushed, and she felt slightly embarrassed. novelebook.comHowever, she quickly suppressed the feeling and glared at James, saying lightly,“I simply don’t want a prodigy to die so easily. Also, I don’t wish for Sienna to return and blame me for not holding you back after she finds out about your death.”


James walked toward Thea and closed in on her. He leaned toward her, and her face zoomed before him. Even her pores were visible.

Thea held her breath as James got closer. She was slightly nervous and could not help but take two steps backward.

James quickly stepped toward her and wrapped one arm around Thea’s slender waist.


James did not give her the chance to speak. He pulled her into his embrace and kissed her lips.

“Mhm… Mhm…”

Thea could not speak with James’ lips pressed against hers.

After a few seconds, she reacted and pushed James away. Then, she quickly turned around, refusing to let James see her face.

James smiled brightly. In the past, Thea would knock him away with her energy whenever he got close. However, this time, she did not exert her energy to blast him away.

Thea was a Caelum Ancestral God. If she was unwilling, no one could get close to her.

James was delighted. Since Thea allowed him to kiss her, it meant she was slightly fond of him. Thea had allowed him to get close. Thus, James assumed she might even be in love with him.

At that moment, Thea felt conflicted. She was unsure why she did not immediately push James away but instead let him get close.

It was her first time having such feelings. James remained silent, and so did she.

After a while, Thea calmed herself down and turned around.

James had a bright smile on his face as he called out, “Thea.”

Thea rolled her eyes. James was mesmerized by her and felt like she had taken his breath away.

“Must you go?” asked Thea.

James nodded and said, “Mhm. I still have many things to do. I need to obtain these boons. Hadad will constantly suppress me in the Twelfth Universe, and it’ll be impossible for me to become a Macrocosm Ancestral God. I will only get the chance if I go to the new universe.”


Thea wanted to persuade him once more, but James interrupted her.

“You don’t have to worry. Even though our universe’s Heavenly Path is the weakest and they’re much stronger than us, I’m not afraid. I’m sure I’ll be invincible once I reach the Quasi Ancestral God’s Path Integration Rank. Even a cultivator from the First Universe won’t be a match against me.”

James beamed with confidence.

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