The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3592

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3592-The Ancestral Needle Master pointed at James and said, “Him.”

Hearing this, Darden, who was a Terra Ancestral God and had reached the peak of that rank, looked at James. Although he could not see how many Path Seals James had cultivated, he could sense that James was only at the Grand Emperor Rank’s Ninth Heaven.

“This can’t do, I’m afraid,” He said. His eyebrows lowered as he explained, “The Place of Yin and Yang isn’t any regular place. It’s impossible to survive there, let alone cultivate if you haven’t reached the Quasi Ancestral God Rank.”

The Master smiled and said, “That is none of your concern. All you need to do is to open up the Place of Yin and Yang. Whether he makes it out dead or alive will have no bearing on you.”

Darden’s pupils oscillated. He knew that the Master was a renowned powerful figure, so anyone he brought with him must have been extraordinary. Even if James’ rank was at the Grand Emperor Rank’s Ninth Heaven, his capacity must have surpassed that.

After giving the Master’s words some thought, he smiled and said, “Ancestral Needle Master, I have discussed this with the Elders. The Elders do not approve of this, but I have convinced them by saying that we should allow for exceptions, especially when you’re the Ancestral Needle Master who holds the Needle of Yin and Yang, a treasure that shares the same source with the Valley. Upon hearing this, they have agreed to permit your entry, but on one condition.”

The Master saw this coming and asked smilingly, “What condition?”

Darden replied, “Let me be honest with you and say that the power of Yin and Yang has been accumulated in the Place of Yin and Yang for quite a while now. novelebook.comThis extremely rich power is meant for the use of a genius of our sect. If you want to enter the Place, you’ll require the approval of this genius. I’ve already asked him, and he said that you’d be permitted entry as long as you succeeded in defeating him.”

The Ancestral Needle Master said with a smile, “That’s easy. Just let him fight James now.”

The Valley of Yin and Yang was too isolated from the rest of the universe. They interacted so little with the outer world that they were not aware of how big a reputation James had gained. They had no idea that James defeated the champion of the Martial Ranking when he was merely at the Great Emperor Rank’s Third Heaven.

Darden replied uncomfortably, “But, the genius of our sect is quite high-ranked. If James were to fight him, wouldn’t that constitute bullying on our part?”

The Ancestral Needle Master asked, “What’s the rank of this so-called genius of yours?”

“The Quasi Ancestral God Rank.” Darden was honest. “He’s also cultivated many Path Seals, attained the peak of the Path Integration rank, and is very near to attaining the Ancestral God Rank. This holy site is for him to break through and reach the Ancestral God Rank.”

The Master took a quick glance at James and asked, “Do you have faith in defeating him?”

James let out a casual smile and said, “I’m not sure. We’ll need to come to grips to find out.” He was not sure about his battle strength as well, as the last time he fought someone was back on Mount Heavenly Path, which was a long time ago.

Hearing James’ reply, the Ancestral Needle Master was relieved. He looked at Darden and said, “We’re in a hurry, so arrange for it now.”

“Alright, no problem,” Darden left with a smile on his face.

The Ancestral Needle Master’s expression became stern after Darden’s departure. He reminded James, “James, don’t be too careless. Although the Valley of Yin and Yang is isolated from the universe, it’s still one of the Ten Great Cultivation Holy Sites. No genius born here is an easy opponent.”

James replied, “My Sword Path, Curse Path, and Elemental Path have all reached the Great Emperor Rank’s Ninth Heaven. With this capacity, I might even stand a chance against powerful figures at the Path Integration Rank who’ve cultivated many Paths.”

James was confident in himself. He was much stronger than when he defeated the champion of the Martial Ranking. At that time, he was merely a Third Heaven Great Emperor.

“It’s good that you have confidence in your capabilities,” the Ancestral Needles Master said as he caressed his white beard.

On the other hand, Darden started making arrangements immediately after leaving the lodging.

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