The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3593

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3593-It did not take too long for the arrangements to be completed. At the peak of a mountain in the Valley of Yin and Yang, a huge platform was set up. Surrounding the platform was a mystical Formation Boundary.

On the platform was a man in a black robe who looked like he was in his twenties. With his arms crossed, he wore an expression of confidence and pride.

James was brought outside the platform where he observed his surroundings. He saw many living beings at the ranks of Ancestral Gods gathered outside the platform. He also saw the man on the platform, who was to be his opponent for the day. Defeating him successfully would grant him entry to the Place of Yin and Yang.

Darden was all smiles as he said, “My friend, it’s not too late to back out of this. Although the Place of Yin and Yang is indeed a holy site, not everyone can go there to cultivate. This genius is not just anyone. He has successfully cultivated Five Paths.” He was kindly reminding James.

The Five Paths were the upper limits of the Path Integration Rank. James could not conceal his shock.

Darden continued and said, “The Valley of Yin and Yang has both Yin and Yang energy and is the optimal site to cultivate the Yin and Yang Path. Being my disciple, he has naturally cultivated the Yin and Yang Path, the Martial Path, and the Murderous Path. More importantly, he has comprehended the Death Path, one of the Five Great Paths.”

Darden was very proud of his disciple. If it were not due to the Death Path, this disciple of his would have attained the Ancestral God Rank by now.

All eyes around the platform were directed at James. After the Elders sensed that he had merely attained the Grand Emperor Rank’s Ninth Heaven, they could hardly suppress their laughter.

“What’s wrong with the Ancestral Needle Master bringing this young lad into the Valley of Yin and Yang? And he even has the audacity to enter the Place of Yin and Yang!”

“This must be a joke. Even if Nurlan Yakim doesn’t stop him, the energies of Yin and Yang will melt his body once he enters the Holy Site.”

In the eyes of all the Elders of the Valley, only death awaited James. Even the Ancestral Needle Master was worried, as he reminded James softly, “Be careful, James. This youngster is not an easy opponent. He would’ve made it into the Sage Ranking if he gave himself a chance and left the Valley.”

James knew of the Sage Ranking. The Martial Ranking was for those who had yet to attain the Quasi Ancestral God Rank, whereas the Sage Ranking was reserved for those above the Quasi Ancestral God Rank. Those who could make it into the Sage Ranking were definitely forces to be reckoned with.

The corners of James’ lips upturned slightly as he said, ”Don’t worry. I have many cards up my sleeve. Just the Path Seal of the Five Elements of Genesis will make him shudder.”

“That did indeed slip my mind.” The Master chuckled as he caressed his beard.

The merging of the Path Seals of the Five Elements of Genesis would create Macrocosm Power. Thus, even if James’ rank was low, the Macrocosm Power would supersede all other powers. Defeating Nurlan should not be a problem in this case.

Darden stood up and said, “The competition’s rules are very simple, Young Lad. Go up the platform and defeat my disciple. You can use any type of martial art skill during the battle. If you cannot win against him, you can surrender. Once you surrender, do not injure or kill anyone.”

“I understand.” James nodded.

Melinda cheered for James as she said, “All the best, James. I know you can do this.”

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