The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3594

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3594-Melinda had full faith in James. At the Grand Emperor Rank’s Third Heaven, he had already defeated the champion of the Martial Ranking. Now, he was at the late stage of the Grand Emperor Rank’s Ninth Heaven, with many of his Paths at this rank as well.

James leaped onto the platform.

Around the platform were Formation Boundaries. Once he entered the Formation, he could sense a frightening pressure that was not detectable outside of it.

This frightening pressure came from the man facing him. It felt like an entire world had collapsed on him, and it almost suffocated him. He adjusted his aura to get used to the pressure.

Nurlan crossed his arms and looked at James. Hostility emanated from his mediocre face.

“So you’re the one who wants to enter the Place of Yin and Yang?” Although his voice was calm, it was also filled with Murderous This Energy was not solely directed at James. Rather, it was innate in Nurlan.

James looked at him. With his fist clasped in his other palm, he said, “I’m James Caden. It’s a pleasure.”

Nurlan remained still and said, “You’re not worthy of being my opponent. Fighting you is a humiliation to me. Yet, I can’t simply disobey my teacher’s instructions. It’s not too late to surrender now, for once I launch my first attack, you will surely die.”

Nurlan was fearless, and rightfully so. He had cultivated five Paths. Apart from the Yin and Yang Path, he also cultivated the Martial Path, the Murderous Path, and most strikingly, the Death Path. If it were not because he had unknowingly cultivated the Death Path, he would have attained the Ancestral God Rank or even the Caelum Ancestral God Rank long ago. Thus, the Place of Yin and Yang was shut off just for him. It was closed to allow for the accumulation of enough Yin and Yang energy for him to reach the Ancestral God Rank.

James merely smiled. Indeed, Nurlan was amazing, but James was not weak either. He summoned the Sword Path, the Curse Path, as well as the Elemental Path altogether, elevating his aura to the maximum immediately. Although he had only attained the Grand Emperor Rank’s Ninth Heaven, the overlapping of all his Path Seals was still enough to make a person’s flesh run cold.

“Very well.” Enthusiasm suddenly shone through Nurlan’s eyes. He could not help but admire James. “I underestimated you. This capacity of yours seems to be worth my time.”

Once he finished speaking, he instantly appeared before James. Although he had not mastered space and time, his speed was insane. He was so agile that he surpassed the limits of time.

In a split second, he appeared before James. His two fists were charged directly at James. This blow was filled with pure Martial Path Power. One should know that the Martial Path was an insanely frightening Path.

One hit sufficed to twist the void. Heaven and earth showed signs of cracking apart. Fortunately, this place was protected by Formation Boundaries. Otherwise, this attack would be enough to annihilate the entire Kaiga Realm, let alone the Valley of Yin and Yang.

James’ pupils constricted. He realized just how frightening Nurlan was. Nurlan was undoubtedly the most powerful figure he had ever encountered since he became a cultivator. It was possible that even Heaven’s Adjudicators might not be Nurlan’s match.

Before Nurlan’s fist touched James’ skin, powerful energy came at James in waves. James felt sick although his physical power had reached the peak of the Grand Emperor Rank’s Ninth Heaven.

He summoned the Time Path and allowed himself to disappear into thin air, only to uncannily appear behind Nurlan.

“The Time Path?” Nurlan squinted his eyes and said, “Interesting.”


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