The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3595

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3595-His blow hit the void, producing a vibration so intense that the space above the platform shattered entirely.

Cracks appeared in the void. James could no longer use the Space Path to avoid Nurlan’s attacks.

Nurlan turned around to take a look at James, who was floating in mid-air far away from himself. The numerous cracks in the space above the platform looked like a cobweb.

“Young Lad, you’re quite something, aren’t you? The Space Path, huh?” Nurlan looked at James differently now. He praised him, saying,“Those who can cultivate the Five Great Paths are all extremely rare geniuses. I hate to kill you, but when I deploy the Murderous Path and the Death Path, I can’t even control my power well at times. So, I advise you to surrender now, otherwise, your death may very well be near.”

“Don’t worry. Just use whatever tricks you have up your sleeves.” James emitted a strong aura as he hovered in mid-air. He had learned about Paths from the Ancestral Needle Master, the Ancestral Talisman Master, and the Five Ancestral Masters but had not had the chance to test his skills. A good battle was what he craved at this very moment, especially when Nurlan was such a great opponent.

“If you insist.” Nurlan launched his attack upon finishing his sentence. Suddenly, he appeared before James and launched continuous attacks at him. With each blow materialized uncountable fist shadows. Each shadow encapsulated frightening power as they were made of pure Martial Path Power. Not only so, but there were also many secret moves in the shadows. James would be hurt by them even if his physical power was at the peak of the Quasi Ancestral God Rank, not to mention that he was currently merely at the Grand Emperor Rank’s Ninth Heaven.

James stayed put, but his Divine Sense moved across the entire platform. He could clearly sense the energy embodied by each first shadow.

Right then, many inscriptions appeared in his mind. These inscriptions changed continuously, merging with one another incessantly.

James attacked, causing innumerable fist shadows to materialize. His fist shadows were in head-on conflict against those of Nurlan’s. Yet, his energy was much weaker than Nurlan’s, causing his fist shadows to be shattered in a split second.

James seized this opportunity to escape to the edges of the platform.

“Not bad.” Nurlan was shocked as he said, “You managed to copy my moves.”

James smiled slightly. He had learned Curse Magic and mastered the Curse Inscription. Theoretically speaking, he could use the Curse Inscription to form any sort of martial art skill. However, this fight with Nurlan made him realize how far he was lagging behind. Plus, Nurlan had only used the energy of the Martial Path and had yet to use the other four Paths. As for James, he had already deployed the Sword Path’s power, Curse Power, and the energy of the Elemental Path. Perhaps the energy of all of James’ Paths combined would only measure up to the energy of a single Path of Nurlan’s.

James furrowed his eyebrows as he came to grips with Nurlan. Using force in this battle was no longer feasible. He could only deploy other Martial Art Skills.

“You managed to resist my attacks although you’re only at the Ninth Heaven of the Grand Emperor Rank. What a feat, James.” Nurlan was stunned. His rank was at the peak of the Quasi Ancestral God Rank, which was much higher than that of James. Although he had cultivated the Murderous Path and the Death Path and embodied Murderous Energy and Death Energy, he was not inherently evil. He appreciated geniuses like James. Yet, he was curious about James’ actual limits.

“Again!” Nurlan roared before launching yet another attack.

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