The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3596

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3596-Nurlan used pure Martial Path energy in this attack. His Martial Path energy was rather frightening as it surpassed the combined strength of James’ many energies. Both his Martial Path and speed exceeded the confinement of time.

The Time Path was of no use to James. He had to be at the same rank as his opponent for the Time Path to work on them.

James had yet to realize that Nurlan was moving toward him. He did, however, manage to sense the incredibly frightening energy coming at him like waves.

He attempted to escape but to no avail. The energy from Nurlan’s palm hit his chest. novelebook.comThe impact was so great that it caused a bloody, red hole to develop in his chest. The energy of the Martial Path spread from the injury throughout James’ body, causing his physical body to break immediately like glass.

At this urgent moment, James deployed the energy of the Life Path. Life Energy flowed throughout his entire body, rejuvenating his injuries.

He backed up before wiping off the fresh blood dripping from the edges of his mouth. He looked serious as he murmured, “How frightening… The Valley of Yin and Yang is indeed one of the Ten Great Cultivation Holy Sites to have created such a scary, powerful figure. He must have reached the upper limits in all ranks and cultivated the capacity to defeat the Heavenly Path in each of them. Otherwise, it’d be impossible for a single, pure energy to materialize such an invincible force.”

James took a deep breath. He was not to take Nurlan lightly. He summoned the powers of his other Paths, including the Elemental Path, the Dark Path, and the Karma Path. Although these Paths of his were at the Third Heaven of the Grand Emperor Rank, the total force created by them was still immense.

James’ aura surged once more.

As Nurlan observed James from a distance, he could not help but be stupefied. He exclaimed, “How many Paths has he cultivated? Has he surpassed the limits set by Heaven and Earth?”

“Again!” This time, it was James who roared. He charged forward, appearing before Nurlan.

James sent a blow to Nurlan, who countered the attack. Two immense powers wrestled with one another, causing the space above the platform to split open, revealing a gigantic black hole.

The black hole spread to the Formation Boundaries before stopping just in time to save the Valley of Yin and Yang from complete decimation.

Nurlan was forced to take a few steps back due to the impact of this attack. He then spat out a mouthful of fresh blood.

James had used all of his Paths, as compared to Nurlan who had only used one of them. As such, James’ energy currently exceeded that of Nurlan.

“Not bad.” Nurlan wiped off the blood on his lips and looked at James with a face of shock. He said, “You’re really strong. You managed to push me back and cause me to spit blood when you’re only at the Ninth Heaven of the Grand Emperor Rank.”

Although Nurlan had let his guard down, his Martial Path was still the strongest of all his Paths. His Yin and Yang Path and his Murderous Path had not reached a level equivalent to his Martial Path.

James smiled widely, saying, “Use whatever means you have against me.”


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