The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3597

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3597-Nurlan roared, “Not bad, Young Lad. Today, I’ll only use the energy of one Path–-the Martial Path. If you can defeat me, I’ll let you enter the Place of Yin and Yang freely.”

Outside the platform, the Ancient Needle Master could not help but smile. He looked at Darden who was sitting next to him and said, “I see that your disciple has lost his mind. I think it’ll be rather difficult for him to beat James by using the energy of only one Path.”

Darden was mad as well. He yelled, “What is Nurlan thinking? James is clearly not an easy opponent. Why won’t he just summon all his energy to defeat him instead of wasting time?”

The other Elders looked serious as well. They had sensed the energy of many Paths in James, which meant that he had cultivated many Path Seals. If Nurlan was careless, it would surely result in his loss.

“Nurlan, don’t underestimate him. Summon all your energies and kill him.”

“It’s a matter of life and death in the arena. Don’t think about anything else.”

A number of Elders reminded Nurlan. Yet, Nurlan took no heed of these reminders. As he stood in mid-air, his aura had an obvious change, influencing the entire arena. Each strand of his hair was erected. A white halo appeared around his body, embracing it. He looked very enigmatic, like a Divine King.

“This guy is really something.” Outside the arena, the Ancestral Needle Master looked stupefied. He could not suppress his praises.“He’s even comprehended the Omniscience Path and has reached a level surpassing that of Gutierre.”

As a Caelum Ancestral God, he could sense that Nurlan had already comprehended the Omniscience Path deeply, even though he himself had not cultivated the Path.

At the platform, James could sense the change in Nurlan’s aura. He saw the faded halo that was slowly materializing around him and was slightly taken aback.

“What’s this?”

He did not initially consider that it was the Omniscience Path. He only sensed Nurlan’s aura surrounding the entire arena with his Divine Sense scattered at every corner.

At that moment, Nurlan’s Divine Sense and aura seemed to have merged with Heaven and Earth. He was both Heaven and Earth.

“The Omniscience Path,” James exclaimed after he realized what was happening.

“Not bad. You know your stuff.” Nurlan was stretching at a distance. Each movement of his encapsulated the rhythm and Principles of the Path.

“Indeed, this is the Omniscience Path. It’s considered your honor to witness such a special rank,” Nurlan’s voice roared.

“Why is his Omniscience Path so different from Gutierre’s?” James’ eyebrows furrowed as he stared at Nurlan.

Nurlan was slightly taken aback and asked, “Why? You’ve seen someone else use the Omniscience Path before?”

The Omniscience Path was scarcely recorded even in ancient texts. Even though it was recorded, its cultivation method was unrecorded, as the Omniscience Path could not be taught. It could only be comprehended by oneself. It was thus extremely rare for someone to successfully cultivate the Omniscience Path.

Those who cultivated the Omniscience Path were not necessarily powerful figures, but they were surely forces to be reckoned with.

James took a deep breath and said, “I fought a genius once. He gave me similar conditions to yours but with some differences.”

James described his battle with Gutierre to Nurlan.

Upon hearing this, Nurlan smiled and said, “He’s just begun to comprehend the Omniscience Path and only peered into the threshold of it. I, on the other hand, have comprehended it for a very long time now.”

James was interested in the Omniscience Path and could not help but ask, “How exactly does one comprehend and cultivate the Omniscience Path?”

Nurlan looked clueless and said, “Indeed, how does one comprehend and cultivate it?”

Immediately, he continued, “It can only be comprehended and cannot be taught. I myself comprehended the Omniscience Path by chance.”

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