The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3598

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3598-For Nurlan, he had comprehended the Omniscience Path by coincidence. After that, he touched the threshold of the Omniscience Path. His level of comprehension of the Path had reached striking levels after many years.

James enquired, “Surely there are some prerequisites before one can comprehend the Omniscience Path?”

Nurlan shook his head slightly, saying, “There seem to be no prerequisites. But, based on the records of the Valley, those who could comprehend the Omniscience Path were seemingly powerful figures who had reached the Ninth Heaven of the Grand Emperor Rank. Those below this rank could never comprehend the Path.”

James fell into deep thought after hearing this, only to be awakened by Nurlan’s cry. “Young Lad, stop wasting time. Strike now!”

James composed himself. A flash of purple light materialized into a glimmering purple sword. novelebook.comThe long sword in his hand added much more to his aura. Holding the Divine Sword, he felt a strong sense of conviction within him. He summoned his mind, causing infinite Sword Intent to rage forward like a herd of ten thousand horses. It was rather frightening.

Yet, James’ invincible Sword Intent did not harm Nurlan in the slightest bit. Nurlan still remained upright in mid-air, the edges of his clothes fluttering in the wind. He looked dashing, to say the very least.

James moved, appearing before Nurlan in the next second. He lunged forward, piercing his long sword at Nurlan. This ordinary-looking thrust was in fact the product of innumerable Sword Paths combined. It comprised the Five Great Sword Realms, sufficient to kill common Ancestral Gods.

Nevertheless, Nurlan deflected this attack easily. Right before the sword penetrated him, his body slanted ever so slightly, avoiding the thrust. At the same time, he raised his fingers, lightly hitting them against the Crepe Myrtle Divine Sword.

Clank! A clear clanking sound came from the sword. Subsequently, an extremely unnerving energy spread from the Divine Sword, sending James’ body flying away from it.

James was stupefied. His Sword Path was presently incomparable to what it had been in the past. Ever since he received guidance from the Ancestral Sword Master, his Sword Path ascended through many ranks. His current capacity was enough to kill an Ancestral God with one thrust.

However, he was unable to hurt Nurlan at all even though he had used the Sword Path. Worse even, his Sword Path was easily disintegrated by Nurlan.

After stabilizing himself, he attacked once more.

Silhouettes flashed across the platform.

Each attack from James was ferocious, causing Sword Energy to continuously spread throughout the platform. The destructive potential was encapsulated in each ounce of energy. Still, that was not enough to injure Nurlan, who had already deployed the Omniscience Path. He seemed to have reached a level where he could do whatever he wanted, and so he could avoid all attacks in a leisurely manner. He seemed to be immune to all energies.

However, the many Elders of the Valley of Yin and Yang were shocked to see James’ deployment of the Sword Path.

“This young lad really obtained the true legacy of the Ancestral Sword Master.”

“Luckily, Nurlan summoned the Omniscience Path and entered into a special combat form. Otherwise, James’ Sword Path would render him in a very embarrassing situation, if not injure him.”

James’ capacity was very strong, but Nurlan himself was not weak either.

The Omniscience Path was an invincible rank, so all of them were very confident in Nurlan.

James was focused on the intense battle and was simultaneously observing Nurlan’s every move closely. Nurlan’s speed was too fast. His reaction time was also extremely quick, allowing him to avoid each attack ingeniously. This sparked James’ interest in the Omniscience Path.

James still had many tricks up his sleeves.

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