The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 360

Chapter 360 The Great Four had established the Oceanic Commerce. The purpose of their commerce was to oppose James’ Majestic Corporation. Everyone knew James of the Majestic Group had a close relationship with Thea. Thus, Oceanic Commerce had deliberately come to cause trouble during the establishment ceremony of Thea’s Century Group.

They deliberately came to warn James.

The Pacific Group’s factory and headquarters were on rented property. Thea stood up and refuted, “Our rental contract is still valid for three more years. Even if you have the land deed and are the current owner of this area, you still have no right to ask me to leave.”

“Is that so?”.

The middle-aged man smiled menacingly. “By the way, I haven’t introduced myself. I’m Wade Xavier, the vice president of Oceanic Commerce. I’m here on behalf of the commerce to inform you that the land now belongs to us. Thus, your previous contract is now null and void.”

Wade glared at James, who was nearby as he spoke.

He personally witnessed the tragic death of his other family members at the hand of James at the Cadens’ family cemetery.

He strode up to James.

“Are you really that scared of showing your face to others, James?” Wade glared at James.

“My grandfather, granduncles, father, uncles, and aunties all died in your hands. I swore on their graves that I’d avenge them and tear you into pieces! I’m here today to teach you a lesson, and I hope you’re prepared for what we have in store for you today.” James looked at Wade and smiled threateningly.

Wade immediately stopped bantering with James. He turned to glare at Thea, Trevor, and the rest.

“Today is your deadline. Tomorrow morning, this place will be razed to the ground. It’ll be in your best interest to move out today if you want to avoid the heavy losses,” he said as if stating an inconsequential fact. Wade turned around and departed as his threat loomed above them.

The rest of the Oceanic Commerce members promptly left along with him.

Thea’s expression gradually darkened. The Callahans remained silent and no one else dared to say anything.

“What should we do, Mr. Caden?” Newton inquired softly,

“What else can we do? Don’t worry about it for now. This is just the beginning. As you said, the Oceanic Commerce is only one of my many enemies. The major families in the Capital, Five Provinces Business Alliance, and Infinite Commerce are all going to take action soon. Cansington is about to be given a run for its money. It’s best we stay put for now.” He was no longer the Black Dragon and did not have special privileges anymore. At best, he was the chairman of the Majestic Corporation now.

Very few knew that he was the man behind the Transgenerational Group.

The incident with Thea right now was just a drop in the ocean.

He had more important things to worry about.

At this moment, Lex stood up and came to Thea.

“Thea, James isn’t going to be able to protect himself now. You should distance yourself from him as soon as possible. He is no longer the Black Dragon, so his name carries no weight with those in power now. The Blithe King isn’t going to bother himself with a mere businessman. Relying on the Majestic Corporation isn’t enough to go against the Oceanic Commerce.” After saying his piece, Lex turned around and left.

It was not hard to guess what many key figures were thinking right now with their lack of attendance.

None of them were on James’ side anymore.

The Oceanic Commerce was about to stir up some sh*t.

This was the beginning of a disaster for both Century Group and Majestic Corporation.

Lex led the Callahans away.

Thea felt helpless. She glanced at James, who was sitting nearby. Gathering her courage, she approached him and asked quietly, “M-Mr. Caden, what should I do now?” “The Oceanic Commerce is here for me. They have many ways they could easily interfere with Century Group right now. Although you have the lease contract, it’s useless now. It’d be best to comply with them and leave with all your valuable machinery by the end of the day you want to minimize the losses,” James replied matter-of-factly.

Then, he stood up. “I’ve made countless enemies. Oceanic Commerce established by the Great Four, Inifinity Commerce, and the Five Provinces Business Commerce, were all people I offended when I was still the Black Dragon. Now that I’ve resigned, they’re going to take the opportunity to mess with me. You should distance yourself from me.”

James stoically turned to leave.

Newton and Serena followed closely behind him.

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