The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3600

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3600-Nurlan lost fair and square. Omniscience was a unique rank that was invincible, at least theoretically. Even an opponent who had cultivated Omniscience would not be able to break Omniscience. James, however, thought of a way to destroy Omniscience in the midst of the battle. The method was violent and straightforward. His comprehension level was unparalleled.

He looked at James and said, “You’re very powerful. One day, your name shall spread far and wide. Feel free to enter the Place of Yin and Yang.”

Saying that, he left the arena.

However, the Sect Elders were displeased.

“What are you doing, Nurlan?”

“Defeat him! How can you concede defeat just like that? The Yin and Yang Place is our holy site. We kept the Place of Yin and Yang closed for so long specifically for you. Are you going to relinquish the opportunity to cross into the Ancestral God Rank just like that?”

“He’s right. If you miss this opportunity, you’ll have to wait for a long time to reach the Ancestral God Rank.”

Nurlan arrived outside the arena. Looking at the Sect Elders, he bowed slightly and said, “I sincerely apologize. However, I promised him that I’d only use the power of a single Path. How can I go back on my own word?”


Darden sighed in frustration and looked at James and the Ancestral Needle Master by his side, saying, “Please rest for now. We will open the Place of Yin and Yang soon.”

“Thank you.”

The Ancestral Needle Master said and turned to leave alongside James and Melinda.

Upon returning to their accommodation, James sat on the wall of the courtyard and contemplated. Below, the Ancestral Needle Master asked, “A penny for your thoughts, James?”

James said, “I’m thinking about what kind of rank Omniscience is.”

The Ancestral Needle Master fell silent. After some time, he said, “I’m not really sure myself. Although I am a Caelum Ancestral Master, there are few records of Omniscience in the ancient texts. After all, only very few people managed to comprehend Omniscience in the past. In this age of ours, not more than ten people have entered this rank.”

“Not more than ten, huh… I must be extremely fortunate to have met two,” James murmured.

Below, Melinda said, “James, Mount Heavenly Path has countless ancient texts in our possession. When we return, I can bring you to the Chamber of Scriptures. Perhaps you might learn more about Omniscience.”

Pensive, the Ancestral Needle Master said, “If I’m not mistaken, this is a rank between the Grand Emperor Rank’s Ninth Heaven and the Quasi Ancestral God Rank. However, not every living being can cross into this rank. There are certain prerequisites you need to fulfill, which no one knows about.”


James nodded and said, “I share the same opinion. Nurlan said only those above the Grand Emperor Rank’s Ninth Heaven have been able to cross into this rank since antiquity. However, I don’t know if I’ll be able to comprehend Omniscience after crossing into the Quasi Ancestral God Rank or the Ancestral God Rank.”

“Put those thoughts aside for now,” The Ancestral Needle Master said. “You should start making preparations to cultivate inside the Place of Yin and Yang. Before we go, I have to tell you more about the place.”


James leaped down from the wall and landed steadily on the ground. He appeared before the Ancestral Needle Master, curious about the Place of Yin and Yang, one of the Ten Great Cultivation Holy Sites of the Twelfth Universe.

He looked at the Ancestral Needle Master and said, “Tell me about it, then.”

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