The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3607

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3607-“The Time Capsule has finally been restored.”

At that moment, the storm before him mysteriously disappeared.


James froze.

Then, he remembered something.

“The Time Capsule was created here. It must have shattered then, causing it to be incomplete. This could be the reason why there’s remaining power here. Now that the Time Capsule is restored, they have fulfilled their destiny,” James murmured.

“Fortunately, I have Crucifier and Exalter in my possession to form the Time Capsule. Otherwise, I won’t be able to comprehend Yin and Yang Transformation and restore the Time Capsule. If that happens, this invincible Chaotic Treasure will not exist.”

James stored the Time Capsule away. He firmly believed that he could defeat figures that were more powerful than he was with the Time Capsule. Upon storing away the Time Capsule, he sensed the time.

“800,000 years…”

Upon realizing the time that had passed, he took a deep breath.

“I didn’t expect such a long time to have passed in the outside world…”

800,000 years in the outside world meant that a long time had passed in the Formation. However, in the midst of cultivation and comprehension, novelebook.comJames had no idea about the passage of time. Now, he could finally understand why certain powerful figures would enter a closed-door meditation for many Epochs.

He put those thoughts aside and stood before, heading to the outside world. Soon, he arrived at the entrance. Looking at the illusory door before him, he took a step forward.

At the entrance of Yin and Yang Valley…

There were many powerful figures gathered here. They were all Sect Elders who had gathered because they sensed the disappearance of the mysterious power inside the Place of Yin and Yang. So, they came here to investigate the situation.


At that moment, a figure descended from the sky and landed steadily on the ground.


Upon James’ appearance, Melinda rushed toward him and grabbed his hand.

After James entered the Place of Yin and Yang, she had been here waiting for his return. The Ancestral Needle Master did not leave either and had been in meditation all this while. As James appeared, he opened his eyes and slowly stood up.

Darden looked at James and questioned, “What happened? Why did the powerful energy at the Crossroads of Yin and Yang disappear?”

The other Sect Elders looked at James.

The Crossroads had existed since the creation of the universe and never had any anomalies. After James entered the place, however, it mysteriously disappeared.

James shrugged and said, “How am I supposed to know? You were the one who said that even a Caelum Ancestral God would be obliterated by approaching the place. So, after I comprehended the Yin and Yang Path, I immediately left.”

“Is that so?”

Darden’s face was full of doubt.

The other Sect Elders did not believe James’ words either.

The Ancestral Needle Master stepped forward and said, “Even a Caelum Ancestral God would be destroyed there. Do you seriously think James has the strength to approach the Crossroads?”

Darden nodded slightly and said, “You are right. It seems that the disappearance of the power had nothing to do with James.”

The Ancestral Needle Master looked at James. From his jubilant look, he could tell that James had reaped enormous benefits from this journey to the Place of Yin and Yang.

“Thank you for your hospitality, Darden. We shouldn’t linger here for long. Farewell.”

Then, he looked at James and Melinda and said, “We will leave after you bid farewell to Darden.”

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