The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 361

Chapter 361 In an instant, the place was once again empty. Only Thea, Trevor, and some other employees stayed behind.

‘Is there no other way but to move our equipment?’ Thea was unwilling to back down.

She had wanted to leave her mark in the business world.

The Century Group was supposed to only be the beginning. Yet, it seems as if everything was crashing down even before she could take off. “Granduncle.” “Go ahead, Chairman.”

Thea thought for a while and proceeded, “Rent a new warehouse immediately and transport all our current equipment there. We’ll have a chance to bounce back from this as long as our equipment remains intact. I’ve still got some money on my card. We’ll find a new site and build a new factory.”

“Chairman, this…” Larry floundered helplessly.

“The company still has plenty of unfished orders right now. We won’t be able to fulfill our orders in time and will violate our contracts if we move right now. We’ll lose a lot of money. Plus, don’t we have the lease contract? We can take them to court! Surely we’ll be able to win the lawsuit.”

“Do you know who our opponent is right now? It’s Oceanic Commerce that the Great Four established. Although the Xaviers had gone bankrupt, the other three households are still larger than Majestic Corporation. We will be the ones who suffer if we go against them,” Thea sighed. “Is moving really our only option now?” Quinton was also unwilling to admit defeat.

“Let’s just try. I’ll also try talking to Longevity Pharmaceuticals and Celestial Group to see if they’re willing to terminate their contracts amicably.”


Trevor could only comply since Thea had already given the order. Century Group was established today. Thea had invited countless VIP guests today, but none of them showed up. Instead, Oceanic Commerce appeared. They had shown up to cause a huge fuss. There were plenty of reporters outside the Century Group Headquarters. News of what had happened spread faster than wildfire. “Our latest reports show that James from the Majestic Corporation was the only attendance at the Century Group’s establishment ceremony. No other prominent figures had shown up except for the Oceanic Group. They only showed up to sabotage the ceremony! Oceanic Commerce had acquired the land deed of Century Group’s factory and demanded they move out within today!” “Shocking News! Oceanic Commerce is going head-on against Majestic Corporation.” “Wade, the vice president of Oceanic Commerce, has threatened the former Black Dragon that the Century Group was just the beginning and that there was more to come in the near future!” Cansington was abuzz with a number of sensational matters.

James returned to Majestic Corporation.

Top floor, Chairman’s office.

James gently tapped his fingers on the table as he sat on his chair. “What should we do about Oceanic Commerce, Mr. Caden?” asked Newton. “Mr. Quinn, you’ll be in charge of Majestic Corporation from now onward,” James threw a quick glance at Newton and spoke decisively. “Mr. Caden, t-this isn’t a good idea. I…” Newton waved his hands in a fluster and refused.

“Just do it if I tell you to. You can do whatever you need to do. All decisions will be left in your hands-doesn’t matter if they’re big or small. You no longer need to run things by me from now onward,” James swiftly interjected.


Newton nodded.

James took off his mask and threw it aside.

Then, he turned to leave Majestic Corporation.

He understood that Cansington was on the verge of being thrown into turmoil. He knew that various forces would emerge after his resignation.

He was not afraid of any of them–whether they were the major families from the Capital, Oceanic Commerce, Infinity Commerce, or the Five Provinces Business Alliance.

All of these amounted to nothing for him.

His real target was the cardinal authorities in the Capital.

He was waiting for them to get involved.

This was the only way to change the current power dynamic of Sol. The dynamic needed to be completely broken down. This was the supreme commander’s intention, and it was also his goal all along. He needed to get the most influential families involved if he wanted to find out the truth of the Cadens’ demise.

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