The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 362

Chapter 362

Thea made arrangements to rent a new warehouse and move the factory’s equipment.

Then, she personally went to Longevity Pharmaceuticals headquarters.

In the past, she had a close relationship with Yuna. As a result, she never needed to make an appointment and was free to visit Yuna whenever she pleased.

Today, however, she found her path barred by security guards as soon as she arrived at Longevity Pharmaceuticals’ headquarters.

“Stop right there! What business do you have here?”

“I’m here to see Yuna,” said Thea.

“You’re here to see Ms. Lawson? Do you have an appointment?”

“I-I’m Thea…”

“I am aware of who you are. Go back if you don’t have an appointment.”

Thea was unable to do anything as she was blocked by the security guards. She took out her phone and called Yuna.

On the top floor of Longevity Pharmaceuticals, the Chairman’s office.

Yuna crossed her legs. She was with her family who was visiting from the Capital.

“Yuna, James is no longer the Black Dragon. He is no longer valuable to our family so it’s unnecessary to seek his approval.” A man in his 30s sat opposite Yuna. This was Yuna’s eldest brother, Morgan Lawson. Yuna said with a frown, “Morgan, it’s rumored that the Black Dragon is unparalleled in strength and has the best medical skills in the world. Even though he is no longer the Black Dragon, he is still the owner of Transgenerational New City and the chairman of Majestic Corporation. Putting all these aspects together, it wouldn’t hurt to have him on our side, right?”

“What do you know?”

“You haven’t been in the Capital for a while and are unaware of the current state of things. There are a few factions and a few of them are displeased with the Black Dragon because of his arrogance. Now that he no longer holds his position, these people are over the moon with the news. Being his ally will mean standing against all those people,” Morgan said as he gazed into Yuna’s eyes seriously.

Just then, Yuna’s phone rang.

She looked at the caller and saw that it was Thea. “It’s Thea, the one who rescued the Black Dragon ten years ago. She’s the Black Dragon’s current wife. I’m also quite puzzled as to why James appeared in the public eye with a different face.”

“It’s up to you if you want to see her or not. I’m just here to tell you that major families are uniting to build a new city in the suburbs of Cansington.”

After speaking, Morgan left the room.

Yuna answered the phone. “Hey, Thea. What’s the matter? Do you need something?” Thea had been trying to reach her for a long time and finally, the call connected.

“Yuna, I’m outside Longevity Pharmaceuticals’ Headquarters. I need to see you but the security guards won’t let me in to meet you.”

“Hold on, I’ll send someone to get you right away,” Yuna replied after thinking about what Morgan said for a second. Then, she hung up the phone. Thea waited patiently outside the Longevity Pharmaceuticals’ Headquarters. Soon, Yuna’s secretary appeared and led Thea inside the building. Although Yuna sent someone to pick her up, she knew that Longevity Pharmaceuticals were slowly distancing themselves from her since her support had dissipated. In the past, Thea would never be barred from entering when she came. However, now, they they’ve begun to stop her from entering as she pleased.

Soon, she arrived at Yuna’s office and saw her old friend.

Yuna sat in the office chair and was sorting through some documents. Without lifting her head, she stated impassively, “I’m very busy. Tell me what’s so important that you had to see me. If you’re just here for a courtesy call, you can leave now.”

Yuna’s attitude was completely different from the past.

“Let me explain, Ms. Lawson. I’ve signed a lot of orders with your company before but our company has encountered some problems and we aren’t able to operate normally right now. I’m here because I wish to terminate the contract with you,” Thea said as she walked over.


Yuna finally put down the documents and raised her head.

“You can go to our company’s legal department for termination of the contract,” Yuna told Thea in an indifferent Tone.

Thea bit down on her lips to suppress the awkward feeling welling up inside her.

She wanted to say something but could not bring herself to say it. “Alright.” With the curt reply, she turned to leave. She proceeded to the legal department to terminate the contract.

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