The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3624

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3624-The Sect Elders fell into deep thought. After some contemplation, one of them said, “Wait here while we ruminate things over.”

They turned to leave.

James, meanwhile, remained outside Dragon Island.

In the main hall of a palace on Dragon Island…

A middle-aged man was sitting on the throne. He was about forty years of age and wore a golden robe. Below him were the Sect Elders.

“Patriarch, James has the Ancestral Dragon’s aura inside his body. This is rather uncanny. We should let him stay on Dragon Island while we investigate the matter.”

“This is inappropriate. James is from Mount Heavenly Path. For countless years, Mount Heavenly Path has long wished to occupy Dragon Island and conquer us. I don’t think James came in peace.”

“But what should we do about the dragon bone?”

The Sect Elders argued. Some agreed for James to stay, whereas others disagreed.

The Patriarch sat on the throne and contemplated. After some time, he said, “No matter what James’ objective is, we should let him go through the three challenges of the Dragon Race first. If he overcomes all obstacles, we let him through. Otherwise, we chase him out of the Dragon Realm.”

Since the Patriarch has given the order, the Sect Elders had no choice but to obey.

James waited outside Dragon Island for approximately an hour. An hour later, the Sect Elders appeared, and one of them said, “James, according to the rules of the Dragon Race, you will first have to overcome three challenges.”

“Mhm.” James nodded.

The Sect Elder warned, “You better think twice. With your rank, you won’t be able to overcome the three If you perish here, we won’t be responsible for your death.”

James said, “I have made up my mind. If I die here, Mount Heavenly Path will not implicate the Dragon Race.”

James knew about the three challenges of the Dragon Race. This was a set of challenges made for Ancestral Gods. Under normal circumstances, only Ancestral Gods would be able to overcome them. That was because the Dragon Race had already decided to allow Ancestral Gods passage and only established this set of rules to avoid being humiliated. As for humans beneath the Ancestral God Rank, the Dragon Race simply could not be bothered with them.

The Sect Elder said, “The first challenge will be lightning tribulations. There will be a total of nine lightning tribulations. If you can overcome them all, you will be allowed to move on to the second challenge.”


James was unafraid.

“This way, please.”

The Sect Elder beckoned.

Then, they arrived on an abandoned island that was full of traces of lightning strikes. This place was the place of the challenge. Since antiquity, Ancestral Gods who came to the Dragon Realm would receive lightning tribulations here.

As Melinda stood in the distance and watched James on the abandoned island, she was concerned for him.

At that moment, James stood on the abandoned island. Dark clouds blotted the sky, and a black dragon was traversing through the clouds. This was a dragon that had mastered Lightning Power and cultivated the Lightning Tribulation Path.

“You better think twice, James. It’s not too late to turn back. Once the lightning tribulation descends, everything will be too late,” a voice came from the sky.

James lifted his head and looked at the sky. He could sense a terrifying aura in the clouds. If he used only his physical strength to receive the lightning tribulations, he would not be able to resist them. However, if he summoned his power, he was confident he could resist them. He silently catalyzed the power of all his Paths, which circulated throughout his body. As they entered his physical body, his aura soared.


James’ voice boomed.

Then, black lightning descended from the sky and struck James.

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