The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3629

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3629-Boom!

Their palms collided, and two powerful forces interacted with each other. Laurentinus staggered backward a little. Steading himself, he said with a smile, “Not bad, young lad! Again!”

“Grand Patriarch.”

The Patriarch hurriedly said, “If we continue the fight, Dragon Island will be destroyed.”

“Oh, yeah.”

Laurentinuc stopped in time. Dispersing his aura, he looked at James and said, “We will fight in the arena.”

Then, he soared to the sky and flew into the distance.

James knew that he would not be able to discuss the Path with Laurentinus without a fight. So, he followed Laurentinus.

Laurentinus landed on an arena on Dragon Island. The arena was even bigger than an island, and there were powerful Boundary Formations in the surroundings. novelebook.comThis Formation Boundary was set up by many powerful figures of the Dragon Race and could only be destroyed by Caelum Ancestral Gods.

Laurentinus looked at James who descended from the sky and said smilingly, “I will keep my word, so I’ll only be using the power of a Ninth Heaven Grand Emperor. By the way, I forgot to tell you that I have cultivated five Paths.”

“Haha…” James snickered.

He was not afraid of a cultivator with nine Paths, let alone just five. With a hand to his back, he beckoned, “Make your move.”

Knowing that James possessed immense power, Laurentinus did not hold back. After suppressing his rank to the Ninth Heaven Grand Emperor Rank, his body flashed, and he appeared before James. Immediately, his fists were already slammed into James’ body. James’ chest was instantly dented. However, at that moment, powerful energy burst forth from within James’ body, and he sprung back up like a spring, knocking Laurentinus away.

“How powerful…”

Laurentinus was stunned.

Before he could even react, James was already on his heels. Seeing this, Laurentinus counterattacked, and their fists collided. Immediately, Laurentinus was sent flying, and his body slammed into the Boundary Formation before collapsing to the ground. Meanwhile, James simply remained where he stood.

Laurentinus crawled up from his ground and yelled, “Stop! You win!”

Though he had used all his strength, he could not even scratch James. If he continued the battle, he would merely be humiliating himself.

James clasped his fists and said, “Apologies, Sir.”

Laurentinus waved his hand slightly and said, “Not bad, young lad. Indeed, I’m not worthy of being your master. You were saying that you wish to cultivate the Omniscience Path?”


James nodded and said, “Through the Heavenly Path’s calculations, I learned that you are the strongest among all living beings who have comprehended the Omniscience Path. That’s why I came here to Dragon Island.”

“You made the right choice, kid!”

Laurentinus smiled proudly and said, “No one’s better than me when it comes to the Omniscience Path. Come, let us find a nice and serene spot for our conversation.”

Laurentinus wrapped his arm around James. A stranger would mistake them for being good friends.

“Melinda, stay here on Dragon Island,” James said. Then, he turned to leave alongside Laurentinus.

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