The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3637

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3637-In the new universe, outside the Chaos, many powerhouses appeared.

These powerhouses came from the twelve universes. However, the Lord of the Twelfth Universe, Hadad, had left. The rest were powerhouses from the other eleven universes.

After the Lord of the First Universe, the Omnipotent Lord, spoke up, he looked at the other powerhouses and smiled. “Everyone, let’s start the verification now. Go and sense if there are any Ancestral God Rank powerhouses among the living beings who entered the new universe. If there is any, kill them right away.”

At once, a powerhouse stepped forward and sensed the new universe.

Under his senses, he discovered some powerhouses’ hidden auras. They had suppressed their cultivation rank and entered the universe.

Without saying anything, this powerhouse swept his Zen toward the Ancestral Gods he sensed and killed them no matter which universes they were from.

Of course, he only sensed the ones from the outside world.

He did not kill the primitive living beings of this universe.

Then, the other powerhouses also started sensing the rest.

After all powerhouses of the eleven universes were done and made sure no Ancestral God Rank powerhouses entered, they began chatting with each other.

“I wonder which universe will get the treasures.”

“Haha. Of course, the First Universe will get them. The First Universe is the first universe to be born and has the most powerhouses. The disciples are also the strongest.”

“Not necessarily.”

“What’s going on with the Twelfth Universe? They only sent a living being to the new universe. Are they giving up on the fortunes and opportunities of the new universe?”

“Although Hadad isn’t powerful, he knows himself well. He knew that the Twelfth Universe was the last universe to be born, and the other universes had taken most of the Chaotic Treasures of the Twelfth Thus, the Twelfth Universe does not have many Chaotic Treasures. No matter how many living beings they send, they will die.”

“That’s true. The Twelfth Universe is born the last and has the most unstable Heavenly Path. This leads to the Twelfth Universe being the weakest although they’re in the same cultivation rank.”

The powerhouses from the eleven universes began discussing.

They were all taking guesses. Perhaps the First Universe would get the most treasures again.

As for the Twelfth Universe, it was looked down upon.

The Twelfth Universe only sent a living being.

What could a living being do?

Upon appearing in the new world, James heard the voice and learned about some things. He agreed with the points raised by the Omnipotent Lord as the points benefited every living being.

In the dark, the powerhouses from the eleven universes were watching. So, James was not worried that the powerhouses from the other universes would play tricks.

Whether or not James could obtain the fortunes depended on his strength and luck.

At this moment, great pride rose in his heart.

He had cultivated more than ten Paths and Path Seals.

The Five Great Paths, Karma Path, and Dark Path were extremely special.

He believed that he could rise in the new universe and become a prodigy of the Twelfth Universe. Leaving the new universe, he could definitely enter the Ancestral God Rank. With his Paths, once he entered the Ancestral God Rank, he would become invincible.

Entering the Ancestral God Rank and killing the Caelum Ancestral Gods would be easy.

James walked forward and left this area. Then, he used his Divine Sense to scan and sense everything in this world.

However, under his senses, no Chaotic Treasures existed in this world. He could not help but frown and say, “It’s impossible. How could there not be any Chaotic Treasures? This is the only world that has all three planes of existence in this universe. If there are Chaotic Treasures, they will be in the Divine Dimension of this world. So, why isn’t there any?”

“Could it be that the treasures have been taken by the aboriginal living beings of this world?”

Confused, James left this area quickly and rushed to a crowded place.

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