The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3638

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3638-This world was known as the Fire Realm.

It was not called the Fire Realm because the planet was a fireball. Instead, it was due to the planet being fiery red when viewed from the outside. Thus, gaining the name Fire Realm.

For now, the Fire Realm was the only world with three planes of existence in the Thirteenth Universe. Naturally, it attracted many powerhouses from the eleven universes.

The martial world was at any place people were at. In the martial world, there would be fights.

The universes did not contact each other much. Only a few powerhouses in the Caelum Ancestral God Rank had the ability to pass through the Chaos and enter other universes.

Nonetheless, the living beings of each universe were in different universes.

Now that all powerhouses of the twelve universes gathered on one planet, there would, of course, be fights.

In the Fire Realm, the Chaotic Treasures had not appeared. Perhaps it had appeared, but no one could find it.

On the spiritual mountain in the Fire Realm, there were countless Primordial Pulses, and the entire area exuded pure Primordial Energy.

At this moment, living beings from every universe gathered in this area. At a glance, there was a large crowd.

On top of the mountain, more than ten thousand people gathered.


A loud laugh sounded.

“Everyone, the Chaos hasn’t appeared yet. Since we have nothing to do, why don’t we have duels? Let’s see which universe’s powerhouse is stronger.”

The person speaking was a man. He looked young, around twenty years old. He wore a big saffron robe, and his face was chubby. novelebook.comHe appeared funny.

The chubby man scanned everyone present with a strange expression. He seemed to be looking for a powerhouse from another universe to duel.

At this time, James had just arrived at the foot of this spiritual mountain.

On the spiritual mountain, there were numerous living beings, and each of their aura was powerful. When James walked toward the crowd, many gazes landed on him.

“The Grand Emperor Rank’s Ninth Heaven?”

“Why did a Grand Emperor Rank’s Ninth Heaven cultivator come to the Fire Realm? Shouldn’t a cultivator of this rank look for fortunes in the smaller worlds of this universe? Why did he come to the Fire Realm?”

Many living beings stared at James.

James stopped walking and scanned the surrounding living beings.

These living beings were in groups of three to five. As they gathered together, they were discussing something.

“Hey, which universe are you from?”

At this moment, a voice came.

Then, a handsome man walked over to James with a playful smile. He appeared to be around twenty years old and wore a white robe.

Standing before James, he smiled, “Do you know what place is this?”

James slightly shook his head and said, “I’ve just arrived. I don’t know this place.”

“This is a spiritual mountain.” The man continued, “Some powerhouses have a treasure that can predict where the Chaotic Treasures will appear. Moments later, a Chaotic Treasure will show up here. That’s why many living beings gathered here.”

“I see,” responded James dully.

Although he did not appear excited, he was actually shocked.

He only rushed over to the place where there were many living beings. He did not expect a Chaotic Treasure to appear here. Besides, the other universes’ powerhouses had treasures that could detect the Chaotic Treasures.

“Your cultivation rank is too low. You won’t be able to survive here. Why don’t you follow me? That way, I can protect you. When you left your universe, you must have received a few treasures. Give them all to me to honor me. You won’t use them anyway,” said the man wearing a white robe.

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