The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 364

Chapter 364 After James called Henry, he squatted by the road outside the neighborhood and waited. Half an hour later, Henry showed up in a car. He rolled down the car window and waved to James beside the road.

“James, get in the car,” Henry called out.

James walked over, got into the passenger seat, and found Whitney sitting in the back seat.

He did not comment about her presence. “I read the news, James. Do the Great Four have a death wish? How dare they kick up a fuss at Thea’s company? Do you want me to make a call to the Southern Plains and get some men to come over?”, said Henry.

“Forget it. That’s not necessary.” James waved his hands dismissively.

“Although you’ve resigned, the men of the Southern Plains will always support you. Everyone will come to your aid if you just give the word. As it stands, the situation right now is volatile, and it’ll be hard for us to fight this battle alone,” Henry weighed out the pros and cons of the situation.

He was an outsider in this matter.

Thus, he was able to look at the situation from an objective point of view. “Even though you bought the Transgenerational New City and established Transgenerational Group, the company doesn’t have much money in its account. We’ll need a lot of capital to continue developing the company. I still have about ten billion on my card, but it definitely isn’t close to enough.

“These major forces all had help from their underworld connections. How are we going to deal with them if we don’t have our men?

“Just give me the word and I can secretly go back to the Southern Plains. It wouldn’t be hard for me to get another one or two billion dollars and bring some of our men back with me.”

James glanced at Henry. He had a pretty good handle on the overall situation.

The forces he faced right now were several influential chambers of commerce. Each one of them had sufficient assets and their own underground forces to force him into a corner,

He carefully considered his options and finally said, “Alright. Transgenerational Group will need to use up a lot of money to develop now. You head back and find a way to get some money. Although I’m no longer the Black Dragon, you’re still a general. It shouldn’t be hard for you to get money. At the same time, secretly transfer a few hundred soldiers here. We need elite fighters. However, make sure not to attract any attention from outsiders.”

“Understood.” Henry nodded.

It was a huge challenge to enter the business world from the battlefield.

However, James felt pumped up about it. It was not long until they arrived at Longevity Pharmaceuticals’ Headquarters. Henry looked back in the car to talk to the woman remaining in it, “Stay in the car and don’t leave, Missy.”


Whitney nodded obediently.

James and Henry got out of the car together.

The two walked toward Longevity Pharmaceuticals’ Headquarters with cigarettes in their mouths.

“Stop right there! What’re you doing?”

Before they got close, a few security guards pointed at James and Henry with their electric batons.

“Go and tell Yuna that James is here to pay her a visit.” James grinned.

“James, the Black Dragon, or James, Thea’s useless husband?

The name James Caden was famous throughout Cansington.

The Black Dragons’ name was James Caden. The Callahans’ son-in-law was also James Caden. He gave the security guard a smile and said, “Do you even have to ask? It’s obvious without looking that it’s the useless James who’s here.”

“You piece of trash! You want to see the Chairman? Even the former Black Dragon will need an appointment to meet with her.”

The security guards mocked James.

They would not have the other James pass through either. What did this nobody think they’d do? James looked them over and replied casually, “Is that so? It’s best you call and ask Yuna. Otherwise, you won’t be able to bear the consequences.” “Woah, are you threatening me?” “What are you going to do to me if I don’t let you in today?”

The security guards continued to laugh and mock the two men. James put on a serious expression, and the next moment, he roared, “Attack!” Henry immediately acted as soon as the word had left James’ mouth. Several security guards were instantly brought down and lay on the ground, groaning in pain. One of the security guards took out his walkie-talkie and tried calling for help “Argh!!!”

As soon as he attempted this, his chest was stomped on by James.

James and Henry stepped over the downed security guards and entered the Longevity Pharmaceutical Building. As soon as they entered, they found themselves being charged by dozens of security guards, “Don’t hold back. Just don’t kill them.” James gave the order and charged toward them

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