The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3640

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3640-The man with a white robe who provoked James ad wanted to take James’ treasures had a powerful background.

He came from the Third Universe.

The Third Universe had many Macrocosm Gods, Holy Master Qamar being one of them. The man was Holy Master Qamar’s Inner Disciple, and in the Third Universe, he had always been arrogant because his teacher was a Macrocosm God.

His name was Pierre Barker.

Pierre had no idea which universe James was from. However, he knew that no matter which universe a living being was from, the living being would receive treasures that could save his life from the older generation.

When Pierre noticed that James’ cultivation rank was low, he decided to provoke James.

He did not expect James to be strong. He realized that James was not the easy target he seemed to be.

Pierre knew that he could not defeat James if he did not use all his strength.

At this moment, his aura increased to the extreme. James could sense five kinds of power

In the Twelfth Universe, if one could comprehend five Paths, one was considered a super prodigy. Such a prodigy was wanted by everyone.

On the top of the mountain, thousands of people had gathered.

Those who could be on the top of the mountain were the core of each universe.

A chubby man was fanning the flames. He wanted the universe’s powerhouses to duel, but before the battle on the top of the mountain could begin, a terrifying aura exuded from the foot of the mountain.

“Stanley, your fellow disciple caused trouble again.”

A powerhouse from the Third Universe glanced at a man wearing a white robe and said with a smile, “We aren’t in the Third Universe. We’re in the new universe. Didn’t you advise your fellow disciple to be careful? Weak people can’t come to the new universe. Don’t look down on people.”

Stanley was a disciple of Holy Master Qamar, and Pierre was his fellow disciple.

In the Third Universe, Stanley was a legendary character.

Looking at Pierre’s opponent, he said, “Why is he using five Paths against a mere Grand Emperor Rank’s Ninth Heaven cultivator? What an embarrassment to the Third Universe.”

Meanwhile, the powerhouses from the other universes were all enjoying the show.

Everyone who could show up on the top of the mountain was strong. No one was certain they could defeat their opponents. It was because everyone had signature skills.

At the same time, they were watching the foot of the mountain.

They were seeing the panting Pierre.

“He has comprehended five Paths, and his cultivation base is in the Quasi Ancestral God’s Theosophical Rank. He’s quite weak. How can he be so arrogant when he’s so weak? Such a person won’t last long in the new universe.”

“His opponent is just in the Grand Emperor Rank’s Ninth Heaven. He should be able to crush him, right?”

Many powerhouses expressed their thoughts.

At the foot of the mountain, with a calm expression, James looked at Pierre who was panting. From the aura Pierre exuded, James knew Pierre was not his match. He did not need to use his trump card to defeat him.

In fact, James did not need to use all his power to kill Pierre.

“Go to hell!” shouted Pierre.

His roar sounded like thunder.

Even though they were in the Fire Realm, it had only been several months since this universe was born. Thus, the space was not very stable. The roar of a Quasi Ancestral God Rank powerhouse was enough to destroy the space.

The roar caused the space around James to crack.

The surrounding living beings watching the battle stepped back and gave way to an area. Then, they continued watching the battle from a distance.

The cracks in the surrounding space did not affect James.

He stood in the damaged space as his black robe swayed. His expression was calm as if he wasn’t afraid at all.

At once, Pierre launched an attack. The attack was a combination of the power of the five Paths.

With so many living beings watching, he needed to get rid of James as quickly as possible.

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