The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 366

Chapter 366 After resolving the matter at Longevity Pharmaceuticals, James and Henry made their way toward Celestial Group. Soon, they arrived at their destination. Henry parked the car.

Then, the two got out of the car together and walked side-by-side toward the Celestial Group Headquarters.

Unlike Longevity Pharmaceuticals, the two were not blocked by security this time. After entering the building, they walked toward the elevator and headed to the top floor.

As soon as they got out of the elevator, several guards were gathered outside, chatting happily.

The security guards immediately approached them.

One of them pulled out an electric baton from his waist and pointed it at James and Henry who had exited the elevator.

“What are you doing here? This is the chairman’s exclusive floor! Leave right now!” the security guard growled at them.

In a few steps, Henry dashed over and snatched the electric baton out of the security guard’s hand. He then brought it down hard over the man’s head.

“You…” The guard staggered.

However, before he could finish his sentence, he was overwhelmed by dizziness, and his body fell to the ground.

“They’re up to something! Get them!”

The other security guards quickly rushed toward them.

Henry moved like well-oiled clockwork and immediately incapacitated the security guard with a few moves.

The two headed straight for the chairman’s office.


They kicked open the door and walked inside.

Alex was entwined with his attractive female secretary atop his sofa. They were hurriedly undressing while they locked lips in each other’s embrace.

Suddenly, the door was flung open. Alex turned and saw James and Henry approaching. He glowered at them as he quickly dressed up. “What’re you doing here, James? Do you want to die?” He screamed furiously. Normally, Alex would have welcomed James into his office respectfully before his resignation.

However, James was no longer the Black Dragon, and no longer one of the Five Commanders,

At best, he was only the chairman of Majestic Corporation. Celestial Group had more power than Majestic Corporation. How could he endure the disrespect from someone he saw as beneath him?

He recalled how James had ordered him around like a grunt in the past.

His blood boiled with humiliation and rage.

“Kneel down right now, and I’ll consider letting you go,” he demanded cockily. James simply walked over and sat down on the sofa. The sexy female secretary on the sofa quickly straightened out her messy clothes and ran out of the office in a panic. “Are you not taking me seriously anymore since I’ve resigned and am no longer one of the Five Commanders, Alex?” James returned Alex’s vitriol with a grin.


“I’m a member of the Yates from the Capital. Why should I take someone like you seriously?” Alex sneered.

He regarded James as if he were looking at the town idiot.

“Do you think you can just waltz in here and talk to me this way? You’re not the Black Dragon nor a member of the Five Commanders anymore. Don’t you know countless people already have you in their crosshairs? Do you not know how many big shots in the Capital want you dead?

“Kneel now!”

With that said, he immediately took out his phone to make a call.

“Come to my office quickly.” He quickly ended the call and glared at James with resentment. James had caused him a lot of trouble during his time as the Black Dragon.

Despite no longer holding the position, this man still had the nerve to cause him trouble.

Soon, the office door swung open again, and seven to eight burly men walked in.

These people were two meters tall and around 140 kilograms of pure muscle. Their arms were even thicker than James’ waist and bulged with explosive strength.

The men stood in the office and faced down at Henry and James.

Alex crossed his arms and jeered, “1 heard you have unparalleled strength. I’d like to see how you get out of my office today.”

James gave a quick glance at Henry. Henry immediately understood what this meant.

Suddenly, he got up. However, as soon as he got up, the men drew their guns and pointed them at James and Henry Confronted with the many gun barrels, Henry stood stock still and reconsidered his actions.


Alex giggled proudly. “So what if you have great strength? Kneel down obediently or else…” “Or else what?” James smirked.

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