The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 41

Chapter 41 Nevertheless, James was a Black Dragon. To him, cowering to evil for survival was worse than being dead. Back when he was covered in wounds, almost defeated by the enemy, he did not kneel. 

When he married Thea and became the son-in-law of the Callahan family, he swore to never let Thea feel sad again. 

“He was the one who insulted Thea, so he should be apologizing,” James said while pointing at Tommy. “Thea had nothing to do with Alex. Alex only chose to work with Celestial Group because he owes me a favor for saving his life on the battlefield.” 

James wanted to shield Thea from the insults, but he could not let them know his real identity. 

Everybody was shocked to learn the truth. James continued, “If you want an invitation to the Blithe King’s coronation ceremony, 1 can get one. However, I hope you will stop insulting Thea. Let’s go, Thea.” 

After that, he left with Thea’s hand in his, not even looking back. 

He knew as long as Thea was here, she would continue being the punching bag of her family. If it was other people, he could easily kill them, but they were the Callahans. Thea would never forgive him if he killed them. 

“Damn it.” Lex grew even madder watching them leave. “The family meeting isn’t over and they’re already leaving. Who do they think I am? I’m taking back 5 % of Benjamin’s shares.” That was what he wanted to do all along. It was just that he did not have the chance. Now, he only revoked part of Benjamin’s shares because he still had to rely on Thea. If they really drove Thea out of the family once and for all, they would lose their business opportunity with Celestial Group forever. Gladys was boiling with anger. ‘5%. That’s tens of millions of dollars. 

How she wished she could skin James alive. 

Even now, Benjamin was dead silent. 

Howard, Tommy, and Megan were gleeful as they hoped Lex would eventually revoke all of Benjamin’s shares, now that he had already announced this. 

“That’s enough of that. Let the meeting commence. Now, let’s discuss how to get an invitation to watch the succession ceremony,” Lex spoke. 

The Callahans began discussing. 

Nobody took what James said about him getting them an invitation seriously. 

They did not believe that a military veteran had such influence on someone like Alex to get them a seat at the ceremony, especially when Alex had already repaid his kindness. 

One of them spoke, “Well, isn’t Megan’s boyfriend an Oswald? The Oswalds are just as powerful as The Great Fou. We should let Colson get us an invitation from his family head.” 

Hearing that, Megan glowed with pride as she tugged on a handsome man sitting beside her. 

Lex looked over to the man as well, putting on a wide smile. “Colson, do you mind asking your father to pull some strings and get an invitation for the 


Colson Oswald straightened his back and replied, “I don’t have a problem with that, but I can’t guarantee that my dad will say yes. There are many people asking him for an invitation at the moment. He can’t possibly agree to everybody’s requests.” “Colson, you have to help us.” “Your father will be able to help us out.” The Callahans chirped along. Megan answered merrily, “Grandpa, don’t worry about it. Colson will get it done,” she said as she gave him a look, “right?” Colson was speechless. His family was also working on getting an invitation for themselves, too, but to no avail. As much as he was reluctant to do so, he did not want to embarrass anybody, so he nodded. “That’s my duty. I’m sure my father can do it.” The entire Callahan family was riding on Colson’s back after this meeting.

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