The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 46

Chapter 46 All James wanted was to make Thea happy. He asked the Blithe King for an invitation, but he had not expected someone else to take the credit for it and cause Thea to misunderstand the situation. He ran after her when his call with Henry ended. “Thea.”

He caught up to her and grabbed her arm. “I wasn’t lying to you,” he tried to explain. “I had someone send that invitation, but I wasn’t expecting them to take the credit for it.”

“You’re still trying to steal credit? You’re useless!” Gladys snapped. “Haven’t we been humiliated enough?!” “Sis, he’s just a retired soldier,” David said to Thea. “‘There’s no way he’s as capable as he says. Just divorce him!” “Enough, James,” Thea said, tears pooling at the corner of her eyes. “I’m grateful for how well you treated me, and I’m forever grateful you healed me. But I don’t want to see you right now! Please leave!” With that, she turned around, sobbing as she ran.

James panicked.

He had never felt so helpless, even when he faced thousands of enemy troops.

“Useless lout. Can’t even do anything right,” Gladys cursed at him again. James stood still and watched the Callahans leave, then took in a deep breath. He chased after them to their home but was forbidden from entering. With no other choice, he chose to leave. He decided he would explain what had, happened to Thea once she had calmed down. He made his way to Henry’s clinic. “James? What brings you here?” Henry asked as he entered the building, but stopped when he noticed the expression on James’s face. Henry wordlessly tossed him a cigarette. James was frantic. He wanted to make Thea happy, but he had not expected someone to shamelessly steal credit like this. “Should I not have come back here, Henry?” He asked, taking a drag of his

cigarette. Smoke wafted upwards from between his fingers. “What happened, James?”

James told Henry everything. Henry smiled helplessly. “I’ve never been in a relationship before, so I can’t help you there. But, if you want, I can get rid of the Oswalds for you.”

“No, forget it,” James sighed, waving the suggestion away.”li’s not that serious. Besides, this is Cansington. It’s a peaceful city, not the southern border. The tactics we use against enemies can’t be used against our compatriots.” Henry stayed silent at that. “Oh, right. Henry, you’ve been handling my assets this whole time. How much do I currently have?”

James had been through a lot since returning to the city. He had always thought of money as worthless, but recently he started seeing it as essential. “How would I know? Let me think. Once, you took some gold mines from an enemy country, then sold them to someone for around thirty billion. There was another time you saved some rich man from the enemy troops because he had committed a crime, so the rich man gave you ten billion in gratitude. Oh! There were also some rich merchants on the southern border that paid you yearly so you would protect them. Add all those up and you should have at least two or three hundred billion!”

“I’m that rich?” James said in surprise.

He never used to care about these things, but he was shocked to find out how much he actually had now that he started to care about money. “You’re the Black Dragon Commander of the Southern Border, James. The south is the most chaotic, but it’s also the easiest border to get rich at. You have countless assets, you just didn’t bother trying to get them. Otherwise, you’d be the richest man in the world by now.” “Looks like I was pretty stupid back then,” James muttered.

“Why do you suddenly care about money, boss? You have that Black Dragon card the higher-ups rewarded you with. There’s ten billion in there. By all accounts, you shouldn’t be short on cash.”

“Thea said I was hiding money from her and took it. Said she’d hold onto it as funds for our kids.” James smiled subconsciously at the mention of Thea. “Henry.”

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