The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 49

Chapter 49 Rowena’s expression darkened. She finally knew who destroyed her family.

“What the hell do you want, James?”


James started laughing, but there was no humor in it. His laughter was terrifying.

“You’re asking me what I want, Rowena?

“You’re the reason my grandfather was falsely accused and turned into the laughingstock of the entire town.

“You’re the one that caused my father to have a heart attack, then pushed him off the third floor and lied to everyone that he committed suicide.

“You, and the rest of The Great Four, tied my entire family up and set fire to our home. You killed more than thirty people, and you’re asking me what I want?!”

James was like a tiger that had escaped its cage. Bloodlust emanated from him. He roared, making Rowena’s ears ring and stunning her, She was afraid now. She had never been so scared. Rowena was a smart woman. James killed her father and brother, but the news about it had been suppressed. She knew the man standing before her was no longer the helpless boy he was ten years ago. “I-I’m still your stepmother, James. You…” Smack! James stood and backhanded her. He did not bother holding back. Rowena recoiled from the force and fell spread eagle onto the bed. Her fair cheek swelled red instantly and blood leaked from her mouth.

James grabbed a fistful of her hair and pressed her head into the bed. He put out his cigarette on her face. He showed no mercy, not caring that Rowena was a woman. He recalled how aggrieved his grandfather was before he passed. He recalled what his father looked like when he fell from the third floor.

He could never forget the memory of watching his loved ones burn alive.


Rowena screamed in pain.

Charles had fallen off the bed in fright. He cowered by the wall, not even daring to breathe too loudly.

“Rowena Xavier. Did you ever think your reckoning would come when you destroyed my family? “You need to die, Rowena Xavier, so all thirty-eight members of my family can finally be put to rest!” “I’m sorry, James! I really am! You’ve ruined my family! Please let me go!” Right now, Rowena was no longer the noble and elegant woman she was. She begged for mercy shamelessly, throwing all dignity aside. James pulled out a switchblade.


James brutally sliced across Rowena’s face. In an instant, a shockingly red line appeared across her cheek. Blood streamed down her neck and dyed her white shirt red.

Rowena’s expression contorted in agony, unable to scream from the pain.

“Ten years ago, Thea Callahan risked her life to save me from that inferno. She’s my savior, yet you Xaviers tormented her.

“I’ll return everything your family did to Thea a hundredfold.

“Don’t worry. I won’t kill you. I’ll show you what true despair looks like. Your life will be a fate worse than death, but you won’t be able to die.” James lifted his arm again and sliced Rowena’s face.

“I’m sorry, James! Please let me go!” Rowena begged, now a sobbing mess.

James tossed the switchblade aside and sat back down on the chair beside the bed. He looked at Rowena, a horrifying sight now that she was covered in blood. “Where is Moonlit Flowers on Cliffside’s Edge?”

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