The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 52

The Almighty Dragon General by Crazy Carriage Chapter 52

Chapter 52 Soon, a hint of the morning sun broke through the horizon, illuminating the dark world. He killed The GreatFour’s patriarchs and paid tribute to the dead souls of his family by presenting their heads to his grandfather.

Today, on the other hand, was a huge occasion for Cansington, even by the standards of the five regions.

There had been no official announcements for the date of the Blithe King’s succession, but they had released a notice that it would be held thisafternoon in Cansington’s military base.

This caused an uproar.

The residents of Cansington were still trying to figure out how to get an invitation to the event.

Immediately after, another breaking news rocked Cansington.

“Good morning, everyone.

This is Cansington News.

Last night, famous tycoon Yves Frasier was found dead in his home.

Jacob Zimmerman and Desmond Wilson, too, had been found dead in their homes.

They died in the same manner, tied to a chair and decapitated.

“The authorities have launched an investigation.

“For more updates on this news story, please stay tuned to this station.”

This news caused another uproar.

What? Yves Frasier, patriarch of the Frasiers, had a net worth of tens of billions of dollars.

Jacob Zimmerman, patriarch of the Zimmermans, also had a net worth of tens of billions of dollars.

Desmond Wilson, patriarch of the Wilsons, and also part of The Great Four, also had a significant net worth.

What was going on? Who dared make trouble when the Blithe King’s succession ceremony was just about to begin? These deathswere not of ordinary people.

They were three of the most well-known tycoons in Cansington!

This was obviously done to provokethe Blithe King! Everyone was discussing the situation that had developed, along with the earlier death of Warren Xavier, the late patriarch of the Xaviers, Was it just a coincidence that all four patriarchs of The Great Four are all dead, or was someone behind this? Cansington, the city hospital.

Rowena was taken to the hospital in time and had her severed palm attached.

However, she could no longer exert any force with that hand in the future.

She lay on the hospital bed, head covered in bandages.

“Rowena, something major just happened.

The heads of the Frasiers, Zimmermans, and Wilsons are dead! They were all found tied to chairs, with their heads cut off!” an important memberof the Xaviers said.


Rowena froze, then trembled.

D-Dead? “Who the hell hurt you, Rowena? Does this have anything to do with Father’s death? Wasit the same person that killed the other three heads?” Rowena turned pale.

“Get everyone in our family to leave, big brother,” she said frantically.

“Go as far away as possible, and never come back!” “What are you so scared of, Rowena?” Hector Xavierasked, confused.

“Who exactly is it? Today’s the Blithe King’s succession ceremony, but this guy did something that’s shaken the entire city.

This is clearly provoking the Blithe King.

There’s no way he’d let whoever this is get away with it!”

“Don’t ask questions.

Please just listen to me.

Leave now, or our entire family will be eradicated!” Rowena was terrified.

This was the Black Dragon they were talking about! The Blithe King meant nothing! If the Blithe Kingtried to do anything, he’d die, too! Hector nodded, still confused. “Fine. I’ll arrange for everyone to leave. But… What about you?”

Rowena shook her head. “It’s no use. I committed a grave sin. I’ll never be able to Chapter 52 escape, no matter where I go. Just leave, Hector.

Forget about me.” Rowena knew what kind of person the Black Dragon was.

This was a person who stood on top of everyone else.

Escape? How on earth would she do that? Where would she run? She knew that no matter where she ran to, the Black Dragon would find her,then she would be in real trouble.

However, if she could find out where Moonlit Flowers on Cliffside’s Edge was, she may be able to redeem herself and gether life back.

She might even be able to preserve her family’s survival.

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