The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 53

Chapter 53 Hector did not know why Rowena was so terrified.

However, he knew that Rowena had figured out the identity of their father’s murderer.

It was the same person who murdered the other patriarchs as well.

One family, in particular, stood out to him.

The Cadens! There was only one family who had bad blood with the Xaviers as well as the other three families.

It was the Cadens, who were destroyed ten years ago! He did not ask further questions or say anything else, turning to leaveinstead.

Lying on the bed, Rowena was in despair.

All she wanted was for the Xaviers to reclaim their power.

Now, she knew that it was fruitless.

She should be counting her blessings that her family was still alive.

“The Black Dragon is terrifying.

He’s trying to get rid of The Great Four once and for all.

I get it though.

Based on what happened ten years ago, anyone else would have a hard time putting it behind them too,” Rowenamumbled hopelessly.

Simultaneously at some military base.

The Blithe King was in his military uniform, adorned with five stars.

“Sir, something happened last night.

A few people were murdered.

They were…” The Blithe King’s most trusted confidant approached, giving him a rundown of last night’s events.


The Blithe King’s brows furrowed.

“Was it the Black Dragon?”

“Highly likely.

The Black Dragon was the one Thea saved from the fire ten years ago.

His face was badly burned and disfigured.

Somehow, he managed to transform his face completely.

He ended up at the Southern Plains, becoming a soldier and killing enemies on the battlefield.

He made his mark within the short span of ten years, earning the moniker of the Black Dragon and leading the Black Dragon Army of a million soldiers.” Confused, the Blithe king asked, “Does he have a grudge against The Great Four?” “I’ve discovered that the incident ten years ago regarding the Cadens getting radicated is closely tied to the X.viers.

The fire at the Cadens’ involves The Great Font as well.”

The Blithe king looked as though hewas deep in thought.

Previously, all he knew was that James murdered Trent because Trent had made a move on his wife, Thea.

He did not expect that it would be this complicated.

Thea saved James ten years ago, while the Xaviers were responsible for eradicating the Cadens.

“Sir, what should we do? It’s supposed to be your succession ceremony today, but James has made a mess of things.

If we don’t say something, this will affect your reputation!” The Blithe king looked bitter.

“Say something? What do you want me to say? Do you expect me to send an army andtake the Black Dragon down? I don’t have the guts.

Report it to the higher-ups.

Let’s see what they say!” “Yes, sir.” “Hold on…” “Is there anything else, sir?”

“Forget about it.” TheBlithe King gave it some more thought, saying, “Cover it up.

Get someone to take the blame for James.” “Sir, please consider it carefully.

The Black Dragon resigned and returned to Cansington for revenge.

This is just the beginning.

Who knows how many more of The Great Four will die? We can cover it up once, but can we do it forever? If we’renot careful, this could cause an uproar.

Furthermore, this is under your jurisdiction.

If the higher-ups were to pin the blame on someone, the responsibility…”

“Do as I say!”

The Blitheking took a deep breath.

Who was the Black Dragon? He was the commander of the Southern Plains, commanding his soldiers like a god.

Not only was his strength unrivaled, but his medical skills were also second to none!


The Blithe king did not think the higher-ups would cause any trouble for theBlack Dragon.

If he reported it, they might even suspect him of accusing the Black Dragon.

He really would not be able to take the blame then.

“Yes, sir.

I’ll think of something now and notify the media.” The Blithe King’s confidant left.

The Blithe King pondered on the matter.

Surely the higher authorities were familiar with James’ background.

Yet, they allowed James to return to Cansington.

Then, they assigned him here.

“What are they trying to do?” The Blithe King exhaled deeply.

He could not guess at their thoughts anymore.

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