The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 55

Chapter 55

“Jamie.” Thea strode forward, taking his hand. She looked apologetic.

“I’m sorry for what I said last night. I might have been too harsh with my words.Where did you go?”

“I was at Henry’s.”

“How dare you show up, you worthless b*stard?”

Tommy approached with his nose in the air, looking at James with contempt.He then glanced at the car with no license plate.It was a multi-purpose vehicle featuring a logo he had never seen before.

Dismissively, he said, “You’re not thinking of driving this to the military region, are you? It’s so embarrassing.And you…”

He pointed at David.

“Look at your car! You’re an embarrassment to us!”

Howard approached, studying David’s and James’ cars.

Coldly, he said, “How mortifying.You’d better not take these cars at all.Check if you could hitch a ride in someone else’s car.If grandfather did not say that all family members must be present, I wouldn’t want you there at all.You’d only be an embarrassment.”

“All the cars are full.No one would have any space left.”

“Yeah.If you ask me, Benjamin and his family better stay behind.” Several family members chimed in.

Lex walked over, leaning on his cane.He took in Benjamin and his family, David’s car worth only two hundred thousand dollars, and James’ car resembling a Lunar Peace.He frowned.

“I think you’d better stay behind.All the attendees are VIPs.You’ll only embarrass us if you drive these cars.” Thea started to say,

“Grandfather…” James stopped her.

Smiling, he said, “We’ll stay behind then, grandfather.”

“Jamie, what are you doing?” Thea looked resentful.

“Yeah, we’ll stay behind and avoid being an embarrassment.” Gladys was happy to play along.

They would only be mocked if they followed.They might as well stay at home.

“Let’s go.” Lex entered the Brentley.

For the occasion, the Callahans had hired a team of drummers.

They started playing as the cars moved out.

The feet departed with much fanfare, attracting lots of attention.

As the public saw the banner, they came up with a commentary.

“This is so cool! How did the Callahans get an invitation to the Blithe King’s succession ceremony?”

“I heard Megan Callahan’sboyfriend, Colson Oswald, helped them get it.”

“Isn’t that Benjamin Callahan? Why isn’t he going?”

“He’s Lex Callahan’s son after all.Even some of the relatives on patterns with Lex are invited.Why isn’t Benjamin and his family going?”

“Let’s not talk about it.Everyone knows he’s useless.” The voices kept coming.

“Good-for-nothing.” Gladys glared at Benjamin viciously.

Ever since she married him, she had always been looked down upon.

“Thea, do you want to go for the Blithe King’s succession ceremony?” James looked at her.

Thea shook her head slightly, saying, “There’ll be a live stream on the Internet anyway.Let’s just watch it at home on TV.”

James took her hand.

“If you’d like to watch it in person, I’ll take you.I could even get us VIP seats in the front row.” He pointed at his car.

“See this? It’s not an average vehicle.It’s a special car from the Southern Plains, and there’s only one person allowed to use it.I begged my superior to pull some strings so I could borrow it.Not even the Western Border Patrol would stop this car.”

“Really?” Thea looked disbelieving.

“Do you trust him?” David looked at James disdainfully.

“This is just a Lunar Shine.What’s so special about it?”

“Trash.The entire family is trash.My husband is trash, my son is unambitious, and my son-in-law is useless.” Gladys insulted the entire family.

“Come on, Thea.Let’s go.” James lost his patience with the rest of the family, guiding Thea into the car.

Once he joined her in the car, he wound the window down.

Looking at Gladys just about to leave, he asked, “Mom, why don’t you come with us? It’s not like you’ll be doing anything else anyway.I’ve heard that all the rich and powerful families will be there.You’ve always wanted to get Thea a rich husband, right? This is a golden opportunity!”

“You’re right.” Gladys nodded, glaring at James.

“Guess you’re smart enough to know Thea’s out of your league.”

In the passenger seat, Thea fumed.

“What was that, James?” James smiled.

“If I didn’t say that, would mom agree to come? Don’t worry.”

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