The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 56

chapter 56 Gladys got into the car, but Benjamin and the others opted to go home, James raced toward the military region.

They caught up with the fleet of Callahan cars in no time.

James stopped rushing, tailing the cars leisurely.

The Callahans might have been a second rate family, but they were still reasonably wealthy.

Everyone in the family had a luxury car or two.

To help the Callahans keep up with appearances, Colson had also brought a luxury car fromhome to join the fleet.

The fleet of luxury cars was an extravagant display.

With more than ten cars in the fleet and the accompanying drums, it was a lively event indeed.

The banner preceding the fleet was the centerpiece of the display.

Every eye noticed it.

Many people recorded the scene and uploaded it on various platforms, making waves on social media.

“The Callahans are amazing.” “There were many important families in Cansington who missed out on an invitation, but notthe Callahans.” “Ah, well, it’s all thanks to Colson!” Everyone was talking about it.

Inside the Brentley, Lex smiled from ear to ear at the attention he was getting.

The other Callahans were feeling pleased with themselves too.

Attending the Blithe King’s succession ceremony indicated that he approved of them.

Now, they were truly an upper-class family.

“Thank you, dear.” Megan was over the moon.

She kissed Colson, who was driving, on the mouth.

He had borrowed a Firarre from his family.

He looked pleased with himself.

“I told you, Megan.

I won’t let you down.

How’s this for making your family proud?” “It’s amazing.” Megan was so emotional she almost burst intotears.

“However, dad mentioned that five million dollars isn’t quite enough.” ‘TH inform grandfather later and get him to pay up.”

“Megan, that’s not what I mean.”

“Dear, you’ve been sucha great help.

How could we let you pay from your own pocket after this? Don’t worry.

We still have a few million dollars in our account.” Colson looked gratified.

The fleet of cars advanced cumbersomely.

The sounds of drums were so loud they were almost deafening.

Passers-by kept recording the scene with their phones.

Soon, they reached the military region.

The ceremony had not started yet.

Everyone was still waiting outside.

The attendees kept a low profile.

All of them were alone.

Just then, the sounds of drums and firecrackers rent the air.

It was ear-splitting.

Everyone turned toward the noise, noticing a fleet of cars with the one in the lead exhibiting a banner.

All those present were shocked at this display.

The fleet stopped outside the military region.

Lex disembarked, leaning on his cane.

His face was aglow with pride, feeling as if he had achieved some amazing feat.

The Callahans were finally an upper-class family.

He saw some important people and greeted them.

Even though the Callahans were a second-rate family, Lex still had some connections, distant as theywere.

“Zimmerman, it’s you.

I see you’ve got an invitation as well.

It cost you a lot, eh?” “Aren’t you the chairman of Sea and Sky Pharmaceuticals? Good day, Mister Smith.

I’m Lex Callahan from Eternality.

Recently, we’ve partnered up with Celestial Group.” As soon as he arrived, Lex started greeting everyone he had met before, no matter how distant they were.

He even held the invitation sent by the Western Border Patrol in his hand, flaunting it.

All the other Callahans exited their cars as well, feeling like they were walking on air.

This was an important milestone for them.

Noticing the invitation Lex held, those in attendance adopted a different attitude.

“What? A special guest?”

They were all important people.

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