The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 58

Chapter 58 The restructuring of the five armies was a major incident involving the five regions.

All keypersonnel of the five regions were required to attend.

This was supposed to be an internal matter not privy to the public,

However, since the Blithe king was takingover as the cominander in-chief of the five armies, they made an exception.

Some scats were made available to the public There were numbers printed on the invitation cards.

Each number corresponded with a seat at the venue.

As soon as they heard that they could enter, everyone consciously made way for Lex.

As he was a special guest, his seat would be at the forefront where the commanders ofthe other military regions would be.

A man of his stature should take the lead.

What was going on? Lex was slightly confused.

“Why are you still standing around, old mate? Go on!” Lex jerked out of his reverie as a voice called out to him.

What’s going on? Should I be going in first? After pausing for a few seconds, he burst out laughing.

Tapping his dragon head cane on the ground, he walked toward the entrance under everyone’s gaze with his head held high.

“I’m so envious.” “After this, the Callahans would have made it.”

“Within three years, the Callahans’ assets would multiply.

I promise.”

Everyone munibled under their breath.

Though the voices were soft, Lex still managed to hear them.

As a man who craved prestige and recognition, he felt proud and satisfied hearing what they said.

The other business moguls followed suit after Lex had made his way to the


ont, looking at all the millionaires.

They were dumbfounded.

What were the Callahans playing at? They were approaching in a car and honking the horn infront of so many soldiers.

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