The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 60

Chapter 60

Lex regretted everything deeply.He regretted putting on such a lavish display,

even setting off firecrackers outside the military region.

Now that the higher-ups were unhappy, he lost the opportunity to attend the succession ceremony.

Just then, a horn sounded.

Lex saw James approaching in a car. And there he was, worried that he would not find a punching bag! Leaning on his cane, he approached the car.He tapped his cane on the ground angrily. “You worthless b*stard! Haven’t you done enough? Leave at once!”
James looked at the scowling Lex and honked the horn, asking him to get out of the way. Gladys poked her head out.

“Dad, what are you doing? What happened? Why are you covered in dust? Oh yeah, James said that he can drive in.You’re not young anymore.Why don’t you hop in? We’ll take you inside..”

Lex fumed at what Gladys said.She did it on purpose, knowing that Lex would never believe what she said.

As he was egoistic, he would never enter the car either.

Tommy approached, roaring “James, you idiot.What are you doing? Get lost! Don’t you know where we are? How dare you bring the car over? Don’t get us involved in your mess..”

Howard made his way over to them, preparing to slap James.However, James wound his window up just in time.

“Jamie, stop it.Grandfather has offended the Blithe King.If we continue to cause trouble, what’ll happen to us?”

Thea was afraid. They were just outside the military region. Besides the Blithe King, there were still many other important people within. Beep beep!

James honked his horn again, signaling the Callahans to go away. They were blocking the car.

Gladys invited Lex to join them once more.

After Lex refused, she smiled.

“James, the stubborn old man isn’t getting in.I knew he wouldn’t.Let’s go in now.I’m warning you, you better make me proud this time.Otherwise, I will never forgive you..”

Everyone looked as if they were waiting for a drama to unfold.

The Callahans were hilarious.

First, they came up with a counterfeit invitation with a lavish display with drums and firecrackers to boot, afraid that no one would know of their accomplishment. Now, they wanted to drive into the military region.

Was the entire family fools? James was not about to knock Lex over with his car.He reversed slightly and went around Lex and the other Callahans. However, there was a queue in front of them. Beep beep.

James honked the horn again.

Gladys poked her head out, shouting “Are you blind? Can’t you see that this is a car? Get out of the way!”

The moguls glanced at each other.

Then, with mocking expressions, they parted and made way for James. “Trash..”

Lex was shaking in anger.He raised his cane, rushing over and striking the rear windshield hard.

However, the glass did not shatter.

Instead, Lex staggered backward and fell to the ground again. Some of the Callahans helped Lex up. Lex turned pale.

“Quick.Stop them.Don’t let him get us into trouble..”

The Callahans sprung into action at once.

They blocked James’ car, not letting him advance.

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