The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 62

Chapter 62

James drove into the military region with several witnesses watching him.

The Callahans were full of regret.

They mocked and humiliated him earlier on, but James had gained access in the blink of an eye.

More importantly, the lieutenant was respectful to him.

Was James important? In the military region.

As James drove, he looked at Thea, grinning.

“I didn’t lie, did I?”

“Jamie, be honest.Who are you, really?”

Thea stared at James.Her suspicions about him started to resurface again.

After getting to know James, she had experienced several incredible incidents.

The first was when James healed all her injuries.

Then, there was the time when Alex Yates dealt with her personally.

After that, The Gourmand’s owner, Bryan Grayson, gifted her with a diamond member card.

What happened today was another example.

It was all too unbelievable! James explained “I was a soldier for ten years before I retired, so it’s perfectly normal that I know some generals.Furthermore, I’ve told you.This is an impressive car.The Western Border Patrol has no authority to stop this car, while the lieutenant thought that I was a VIP’s driver!”

Gladys was a simple woman.

To her, James was just a soldier.He did not have money or authority.

However, he did an excellent job this time! She felt perfectly satisfied. Just then, a group of fully-armed soldiers approached.

As soon as they saw James’ car, they made way, saluted, and watched the car leave.

Only when the car disappeared did the soldiers march neatly away.

“Haha, what an honor!”

Gladys smiled widely.She asked “James, can I exit the car and take a few pictures?” Quickly, James said “I think you’d better not.We’ll be fine if we stay in the car.If we disembark, we’ll get thrown out..” Gladys knew she had no choice but to listen to James. James drove toward the venue.

There was a stage with seats below it, already mostly filled.

All the attendees were in their military uniforms as they were high- ranking officials.

James reminded them “Let’s stay in the car.We’ll get thrown out if we get out of the car.We’ll just watch the ceremony from here.And mom, it’s best not to take any pictures.Those in attendance are true VIPs.If the pictures get leaked, it’ll be a grave mistake..”

“Then why are we even here? We might as well just watch it on the TV at home!”

Gladys lost interest immediately.

All she wanted was to gain access, take some pictures, and post them to show off.

Now that James said she was not allowed to take any pictures, she lost all interest.

Thea was interested though.

From the side of the stage, they had a good view.

They would be able to witness the entire process of the Blithe King’s succession ceremony.

“James, let’s go.I want to flaunt this in front of the Callahans!” Gladys said.

The Callahans had treated her as invisible throughout the years.

Benjamin was useless as well, never lifting a finger to defend himself whenever he got bullied.

She had had enough! James looked at Thea, asking “Thea, do you want to watch the ceremony?”

Thea said “Since mom wants to go home, let’s go.The ceremony hasn’t started yet.We can still make it in time for the live stream..”

“Okay! “

James started the car and drove away.

The soldiers were now checking the invitations.

The millionaires were in line, waiting to enter.

Just then, James’ car reappeared.

“James, honk the horn to let them know we’re here..”

Beep! James honked the horn immediately.

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